ARROW Teasers: Fun Quotes from the Upcoming Episode “Nanda Parbat”

In true ARROW tradition, some of the most fun comes from the cheeky dialogue.

As a fun tease, we have collected a few fun quotes from the upcoming episode, entitled “Nanda Parbat”  Let’s see if you can guess who says these fun little quotes:

QUOTE:  “I promised you vengeance, so take it.”

QUOTE:  “You shouldn’t even speak to me.”

QUOTE:  “It’s hard to remember the time when I was actually in love with you.”

QUOTE:  “I hate boats.”

QUOTE:  “Vengeance is justice.”

QUOTE:  “Malcolm Merlyn will never be seen again.”

QUOTE:  “You can’t save Thea’s soul if it costs you your own.”

QUOTE:  “You don’t own a jet anymore.”

QUOTE:  “Sometimes I forget we just work together.”

QUOTE:  “Maybe I am a killer — maybe that is the real me.”

With those quotes rattling around your brain, have fun watching the Arrow episode “Nanda Parbat” on Wednesday, February 25th at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.