Amanda Peet In The Office Spinoff?

Amanda Peet Photo

From TVGuide : Michael Ausiello 

Question: Lauren Graham headlining NBC's Office spin-off? Make it happen, Ben Silverman! — Joel

Ausiello: Word around Universal City is that the big BS has another name in mind for Office 2.0, and it looks a little something like **a*** *e**. Which depresses me a little. It's not that **a*** *e** is a bad actress, I just think she's all wrong for this. Lauren Graham, on the other hand, is, well… my god, can you imagine?! 

Seems to me like the asterisk clue is Amanda Peet. What do you think? Is she a good fit for the Office 2.0?

If I had a vote in all of this, as if, I'd cast one for Kristen Wiig from SNL. Wiig = Hilarious.

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