7 Advances In Drumming Tech To Try In 2020

If you want to get started drumming or refine your existing skills, you may want to consider purchasing some new equipment. Even in 2020, drums continue to evolve and take musicians to new places with their sound.

Take a look at these 7 innovations that will help you become the best player possible.

1. Subpac M2X Wearable Subwoofer

Subwoofers are loud speakers designed to reproduce low-pitch frequencies (bass and sub-bass). Sub-woofers deliver much lower frequencies than woofers.

The Subpac M2X is a powerful and wearable bass solution that helps you enhance drum monitoring. The device uses proprioception, haptic, and bone conduction technology to produce bass frequencies between 1Hz-200Hz to your body.

This means that you can feel the bass instead of just hearing it. You can even dial the intensity of the pack via a pot on the module so you can customize the sound.

2. Electronic Drums

While electronic drums aren’t exactly a new concept, there are some new models on the market that use innovative tech to create a powerful drumming experience.

Electronic drums give you easy access to a variety of sounds, built-in recording, volume control, etc. Read this review to see some of the best models of 2020 and to find the best deals on drums.

3. ToneAlly

The ToneAlly is considered one of the best percussion teaching tools. This wooden contraption uses a thick rounded base that lets you mount it to a snare drum. It can be secured to a snare stand or just placed on a tabletop.

The base has a neoprene playing surface, which makes it feel less bouncy than a standard practice pad. This makes it so you can hear and feel every single note.

What makes the ToneAlly unique is that it features six vertical dowel rods, which create spaces for you to put the drumsticks. The spaces are positioned in a way that ensures your hands are in the right playing position.

4. Roland TM-6 Pro

As a working drummer, you need to be able to move quickly and adjust your sound depending on the setting and audience. That can be hard when you play a traditional set.

Gigging drummers who want a way to incorporate electronic equipment into their acoustic setup will love this product.

The Roland TM-6 is meant to supplement your acoustic drum kit. This trigger module makes it so you can access every drum sound out there, regardless of the stage you’re playing on.

5. British Drum Company Tomspring

The Tomspring allows you to mount your rack tom from any snare stand without losing sustain. It acts as a flexible interface between your snare stand and tom.

It was designed to resonate instantly at the same frequency as your drum. Using this product, your tom’s resonance will be significantly longer.

It can stay on your drum even when it’s cased. The product fits all 12” and 13” rack toms with die cast or 6-lug triple flanged hoops.

6. Cymbal Sizzlers

Riveted cymbals sound amazing on ballads and up-beat songs. But, carrying around an extra cymbal for one or two songs isn’t ideal.

Cymbal sizzlers are great in situations like this. To use one, simply unscrew your wing nut, insert one of these on ride or crash, and enjoy the frying pan fizzle without having to drill.

7. Tuning Stabilizers

If you find yourself needing to retune your toms or snare after only a few songs, then you might want to try tuning stabilizers.

Over-the-head tensions rod locks surround the screw so that your drum isn’t able to detune through rimshots. A simple device like this is really convenient if you find your drum detuning often.