5 Ways to Dress To Flatter Your Body Type

There’s no longer a clear perfect body type that every woman wants to achieve. Rihanna went from being a thin girl to a curvy woman, and she proved that she could rock both! Indeed, you can look good at any weight, as long as you’re confident and know how to dress your body type. Here are some tips you can use to flatter your body.

Identify your body type.

It’s important to know what you’re working with. There are some classic body types everyone is familiar with, such as apple and pear. Look at yourself in the mirror and see which body type your body resembles the most. You can find a fashion icon that has a similar body type and take some tips on how to dress from them! Discover your body type here.

Synch your waist.

The so-called ideal body types keep changing. Whether you have wide hips and a big bust or narrow hips and a small bust, a synched waist looks good on everyone! Opt for clothes that will highlight your natural waist or create the illusion of a smaller waist. You can do that by wearing a puffy skirt, a wrap dress, or a tight top with loose bottoms. A synched waist adds dimension and makes you look more feminine.

Wear slimming undergarments.

Shapewear is truly a revolutionary product; there’s nothing it can’t do! You can go for slimming tights if you want your legs to appear thinner, or wear a bodysuit to synch your waist and hide your belly. You could even try one of these compression shirts. Shapewear is kind of like makeup for your body, so why not use it? It will make your body look tighter and get rid of any imperfections.

Highlight your best features.

What do you like about your body the most? Is it your long legs, your round butt, your cleavage, or maybe your long neck? Forget about your imperfections and focus on your strengths instead! Wear slim pants or a short skirt to showcase your legs. Wear a tight sweater or a shirt with cleavage to highlight your bust. Frame your neck with an elegant necklace. Don’t forget to wear well-fitting clothes! Try to avoid sizing up or down in hopes of gaining or losing weight. The garment won’t look its best if it doesn’t fit you.

Create balance.

Try to avoid looking big by wearing a big shirt with big pants, or making your torso disproportionate by pairing a long shirt with a long skirt. On the contrary, use clothing to create balance. For example, choose to wear a slim-fitting shirt when you’re wearing bigger pants, or wear a baggy t-shirt with tight jeans. If you want to make your legs appear longer, avoid wearing ankle boots with short skirts or pants. Instead, you can pair ankle boots with long tight pants, or wear low-top sneakers or boots if you want to wear shorter pants.