4 Jaw Dropping Design Hacks That Will Change Your Graphic Design Game

When it comes to graphic design you want to make sure you’re producing the best of the best. Here are a few design hacks to help you produce quality graphics.

Design plays a large role in your business, but if you aren’t a graphic designer how do you make sure your designs are up to standards? Learning design hacks can make you look like you spent thousands of dollars on your designs when you simply took a few hours to put it together.

Continue reading this article to learn some simple tips to make your designs look professional — even when you’re not a graphic designer.

1. Use Tools for Designing Infographics

Infographics are a great way to get your point and information across to your audience quickly and in a way they enjoy. You can make you own infographic using online tools, which can save you thousands of dollars. A high-quality infographic could cost you a few hundred dollars, and depending on how many infographics you need, the cost can add up quickly.

When designing an infographic, you don’t want to add too much information. Find solid information and build the images around it to drive your point home. You shouldn’t use a lot of contrasting colors either as it can confuse the eye and look unattractive.

2. Create Color Harmony

Whether it’s your website, a direct mail piece, an email marketing design, or any other graphic you design, you want to create color harmony. Color harmony is appealing to the eye and shows your design is well thought out.

Matching images and fonts to your background is a good way to create color harmony. If you aren’t sure what colors are in the background, you can use a color picker to get the hex code for the colors.

The hex code is the 6 digit code identifying the color on the color wheel. Get familiar with hex codes since you’ll be using them in every design you create.

3. Use Shapes and Icons

If you’re sharing a lot of information in your design, look for shapes and icons that can help your viewer understand the information. Using shapes and icons is an easy way to make your design look professional and get people to pay attention to what you’re trying to say in the image.

You can use shapes and icons to drive conversions on landing pages, get people to click on call to action graphics and more. Look at other companies similar to yours and see how they are using shapes and icons in their designs to get some inspiration, and then make your design even more attractive.

4. Using Design Hacks to Look Professional

Now you know how to use these design hacks to look professional. Paying attention to your designs and how they play into your brand strategy is important and with these hacks, you can tweak and improve your designs any time you need to.

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