WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE Episode 2 Sneak Peek Clips

Episode Two Premiere: Wednesday, August 3, at 9 PM (ET/PT)

In this episode, Cox seeks to understand the nature of time and its role in creating both the universe and ourselves.  From an extraordinary calendar built into the landscape of Peru to the beaches of Costa Rica, he explores the cycles of time which define our experiences, quickly discovering that even our most epic ideas disappear in the vast expanse of cosmic time.  Ultimately, Cox discovers that time is characterized not by repetition, but by irreversible change.  From the relentless march of a glacier to the decay of an old mining town, the ravaging effects of time are all around us.  As we look farther out across the cosmos, we envision the story of universal evolution concluding with the eventual disintegration of all matter.  This journey from birth to death must inevitably lead to the destruction not just of our planet, but of the entire universe, and with it the end of time itself.  Yet, without this progression toward the end of time, the universe would be without what is perhaps the greatest wonder of all—the briefest moment in which life can exist.