‘Women’s Murder Club’ Season Premiere Details

Based on author James Patterson's bestselling novels, "Women's Murder Club" is a new one-hour drama series about four successful working women in San Francisco – Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon), Medical Examiner Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome), Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt (Laura Harris) and crime reporter Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) – who use their expertise, their close friendship and their instincts to solve murder cases. Each a success in her own field, they work together to uncover clues to the city's most grisly homicides. The series premieres FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

In the premiere episode, "Welcome to the Club," Lindsay Boxer (Harmon), Claire Washburn (Newsome) and Jill Bernhardt (Harris) cautiously introduce a new member, Cindy Thomas (Dollar), into the Women's Murder Club, while Jacobi (Tyrees Allen) works together with Boxer to solve a deadly crime of passion and jealousy. Jill makes some major domestic adjustments and Claire struggles to deal with her husband's depression. Meanwhile Lindsay's ex-husband, Tom Hogan (Estes), is brought into the department in a leadership role.

The series stars Angie Harmon ("Agent Cody Banks," "Law & Order") as Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer, Paula Newsome ("Reign Over Me," "Little Miss Sunshine") as Claire Washburn, Aubrey Dollar ("Point Pleasant," "The Guiding Light") as Cindy Thomas, Laura Harris ("24," "The Dead Zone") as Jill Bernhardt, Tyrees Allen ("Alias") as Warren Jacobi, Rob Estes ("Melrose Place," "The Evidence") as Tom Hogan and Linda Park ("Jurassic Park III") as Denise Kwon.

Guest starring in this episode are Eddie Mui as the clerk, James Huang as Officer Sam Cho, Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Luke Bowen, Marc Vann as David, Nathan Baesel as Walton James, Kyle Secor as Hanson North, Judith Hoag as Dr. Raine Van Aiken, Paul Hipp as Miles Van Aiken, Jonathan Adams as Ed Washburn and Drew Matthews as Nate Washburn.

This episode was written by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain and directed by Greg Yaitanes.