Why You Will Love Glee

Glee Cast Photo

It’s almost Glee time, you guys, and I’m freaking out!  I am so enamored with this show, and I wanted to let you in on the 5 things that I’m most looking forward to and why I think you’ll love it (in both the pilot and the rest of the season, airing Wednesdays next year) –

1.    Musical numbers – This should go without saying, but the show about a Glee Club truly delivers some of the greatest musical numbers I’ve seen on TV.  If you’re singing Don’t Stop Believin’ or Rehab Wednesday morning, you were watching the wrong show!  Plus, the cast is wicked talented, and I can only imagine what they’ll come up with next.  Are they the most amazingly talented singers in the world?  Lea Michele is damn near perfect, but my favorite thing was that it totally felt like my high school show choir could perform the same stuff!

2.    A romance to root for – Will is the Spanish teacher with the heart of gold and love for Glee; his wife is the linen-folding high school sweetheart with a little addiction; and Emma is the counselor who loves Will from afar.  As I watch, I find myself loving Will and Emma together, and even though I LOVE Jessalyn Gilsig, I’m totally throwing my weight behind their ‘ship!  Is it wrong that I’m rooting for him to leave his wife?  Probably…

3.    Jane Lynch – This woman is genius.  I think she can do no wrong, and so I look forward to each and every little thing that she says.  Amazing – best nemesis on TV!  She and her Cheerios, the famous cheerleading squad, are going to give the glee club a lot of trouble, and I love it!

4.    Bright colors – It could almost seem like a pretty lame reason why I think you’ll love a series, but honestly, this show is so bright and cheerful.  It’s ironic that most of our main characters are broken or out cast, because this show kind of shows everyone in these bright prime colors, and it just lifts your spirits!

5.    It’s funny – That’s really the only thing you need to know to get psyched.  It’s smart and funny, and charming, and relatable and unbelievable and fantastic.