White Collar

Tonight on USA (after an all new episode of Monk featuring the long-awaited return of Bitty Schram as Sharona) the premiere of White Collar takes us into the world of white collar crime!  Matt Bomer (Bryce Larkin from Chuck) stars as Neal Caffrey, a man doing time for a litany of reasons and suspected of quite a few others.  After a chance meeting, he escapes with only a few days left on his sentence.  The FBI agent who tracked him down the first time (Peter Stokes, played by every-man Tim DeKay) is the person to find him this time, and in lieu of going back to prison Neal and Peter team up to solve a different crime that Neal has information about. Along for the ride are Peter’s wife Elizabeth (played by Tiffani Thiessen), Neal’s underground informant Mozzie (Willie Garson), and Neal’s new “roommate” played by Diahann Carroll.

The show has instant hit written all over it.  What Royal Pains did this summer, casting a different look at a medical drama, White Collar does for a different crime-of-the-week drama-comedy.  It’s the perfect timeslot replacement for Psych on Friday nights.  Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay have an easy and fun chemistry, playing men at odds who actually seem to understand each other better than they understand themselves.  Tiffani plays a character we’re not used to seeing her play – the wife, not the vixen – and I adore the relationship Elizabeth and Peter have!  And Willie Garson’s Mozzie is hilarious!

The show is charming and fast, the fashion is gorgeous, I loved everything about it!  It fits into the USA mold just perfectly enough that it’s completely unique, but completely comfortable at the same time, and I for one cannot wait for the rest of the season to play out!