Which Are The Best PayPal Casinos?

PayPal is known the world over as a super-secure online payment system. The massive company comes from humble beginnings, but now around 286 million members. Using an e-wallet, or third-party payment provider, like PayPal, is becoming more and more popular in the world of online betting. And still, it is not as widely accepted as one might think, the heightened security often disregards dodgy-looking online betting sites. Similarly, over at TopOnlineCasinos.co.uk, security is one of their top priorities. But what casinos work best with PayPal?

Origins of PayPal

What is PayPal, and why use it in online casinos? The company has a sort of convoluted past; said to be started by six men and called Confinity back in 1998. However, it is the brainchild of billionaires and tech gurus Peter Thiel and Elon Musk. The corporation merged with X.com in 2000 before going public in 2002 and eventually being snapped up multinational e-commerce giant, eBay. This move was to facilitate its branching out into money transaction services before being spun off in 2015. It is now the largest third-party payment processor. Now world-renowned, it works on your phone, laptop, computer and even allows you to send a custom link to request funds via text, email, or other messaging platforms.

Best PayPal Casinos

You might be wondering what a PayPal casino is. Simply put, it is whenever an online casino accepts payment through PayPal. Of course, it is a massively popular method of payment for online gamblers. And you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why: people enjoy the security attached to it, the casinos that accept it are the safest. Herein lies the only problem, there is a vast majority of websites that do not take it, despite the fact it is the world leader in online payments. At first glance, this may put off users from choosing PayPal casinos. However, the contrary is true, as when you find one, it is one you can be assured by because they only trust the most reliable websites. That means that with PayPal casinos, your money is safe. With that said, some of the best casinos out there accept the payment processor; those being: 888 Casino, Betfair Casino and EuroGrand. Not only is guaranteed safety a bonus in choosing one of these but also some special rewards to potential players. You can rest assured knowing your money is safe and the added satisfaction of extra cash too.


Why Use PayPal.

The gambling world is not the only reason to use PayPal, so why go through the painstakingly easy path of setting one up and enjoy the safest way to pay? It is simple really, and as soon as you confirm your debit card you can enjoy things like:



The thing that matters the most to PayPal is your privacy, and they have spent years manufacturing their reputation as the leader in this department. Your information is watertight with them and is never shared with a third party, never mind an online casino. They obtain this level through technology and experience. Their 128-bit SSL encryption makes your data absolutely sealed away from any online thieves. Being in the business so long has built their stature of only hiring the best people available.


The true revolution in e-commerce happened the day PayPal brought in virtual terminals. PayPal offers its online casino players almost instant deposits, while withdrawals take a mere 24 hours. The added kicker is that, while you can deposit as little as £5, withdrawals are limitless. Evidently, if you have had a scorching hot night online, you can have all that cash with you the next day.

Online Shopping

If you had any fear of online shopping, which we have all had before, you can shop easy knowing your payments are safe with PayPal. Most online stores nowadays accept the massive company, and with that comes the best way to pay. Ease your mind, as you move money freely to and from your bank account, knowing that it is safe buying things online through PayPal.


There are not many negatives when it comes to PayPal. Slight drawbacks would probably be the small fee you have to pay for transactions and the low deposit rate in casinos compared to other payment methods.


The good news is that it is the most trusted and safest way to pay, so keep an eye out for casinos with PayPal.