What Type Of Technology Is Used For Live Casinos?

Just a decade or two ago, online games were infamous for their inferior quality services. Fast forward to 2000s and these trend has changed significantly. With faster internet connectivity and the development of video, streaming technologies have evolved to cater to customers with Live casino games. Most of the times players only see the gameplay upfront but don’t dwell in the details of how they are able to provide them with such seamless technologies. Let us take a look at all the types of advanced digital technologies that allow us to enjoy an immersive Live casino experience.



Generally, you will find multiple monitors in a live studio. This is to help the dealers check how many players are active at a certain point of time. Similarly, the players also use monitors to check the on-display information which is converted from the Live wheels and tables. Moreover, these cameras use a special OCR or Optical Recognition Technology to make out the card numbers which are dealt or the pocket where the Roulette ball fell and project it on the monitors. OCR is responsible for translating all the meaningful information into electronic format. The monitor is also essential for using in-game features like placing bets.



One of the most critical elements of a live casino game, the cameras are used by players to view different angles of the Live casino table. Normally, a good Live casino game has around three cameras which provide players with shots of the table. Another camera setup is present in the studio to provide a picture in picture display. These cameras are usually high definition and contain state of the art technology to provide low light high-quality shots, The gaming providers spend a lot of money to optimise these cameras for superior performance as they are the only medium that players use to communicate with the dealers and hence, build trust within them. OCR technology is used to make


Game control unit

Touted as the most important technology in the room, the GCU or the Gaming Control Unit. It works like a computer program and converts the feed received from the web camera into machine data. The data is then decoded to transmit it to players and dealers in a manner which they can understand. To keep the hot mobile casinogames smooth and consistent, the Game Control Unit uses advanced encoding and decoding technologies that convert data quickly. If you feel any hiccups or latency while playing a live casino game, chances are that there are some issues with the GCU. Without a GCU, Live casino streaming is impossible.



Most of the times players think that a lagging Live casino is a sign of a bad casino. But often times, the main issue lies with their PCs or smartphones. Live casinos take a considerable amount of resources and demand a significant amount of processing power. Your device needs to have sufficient graphics and raw power to handle these demanding games. You need to have a smartphone that supports HD streaming launched after 2015.


Live dealers

Technological development has allowed live casinos to track every movement of the live dealer to instigate authenticity in the game. They have to handle the game in such a manner that players do not feel any difference between the Live variant and the traditional games. They have to undergo a lot of training to get familiar with the game rules. Moreover, they are responsible for checking whether or not the outputs of the technology are on par with real-life situations and act accordingly.



Live casinos try their best to imitate the regular casino game setups. In order to provide players with an authentic casino experience, live casinos implement certain technologies in their machines and wheels to imitate real-world situations. Unlike traditional wheels where you can determine where the ball has landed physically, Live casino games send the data from digitised wheels automatically.  You can see the entire action through the cameras as well but the entire digitized data allows players to gain a sense of trust which is important for every live casino.


Streaming software

A special state of the art software is used by live casino games to stream their content over the gambling sites.  Without it, players will not be able to enjoy seamless casino action over the internet. To reduce latency and lagging, this software allows players to enjoy a seamless live casino experience which is similar to land-based casinos. Moreover, this software is optimised carefully to allow the PCs to not use up all their resources while playing the games. If the casino allows, players, can download this software which allows them to enjoy the game faster and record it. These programs even allow the players to stream their feeds directly to YouTube and Twitch.