Weeds Seaon 5 Poster

A lot of people say that Weeds took a turn for the worse last season, moving Nancy out of Agrestic (after burning it down), and into the seaside village of Ren Mar.  I’m not in that majority.  I thought that Season 4, which not as incredible as the earlier seasons, definitely had its own great style, and Mary Louise Parker killed it as this mother of two struggling to do whatever she could to keep herself and her family safe.  Did I miss Conrad? Yes, but I found myself loving Andy more, and kind of falling for the Mayor of Tijuana, much like Nancy Botwin did, even if he wanted her dead by the end of the season!

Season 5 picks up at the meeting where Nancy showed Esteban her sonogram picture, staving off her death for a few minutes while he processed the fact that they were going to be parents together.  Maybe the writers sensed the audience’s boredom with Season 4, because they set out to right that wrong.  Everything is just a little bit funnier, from Nancy’s struggle with being pregnant, to her two Mexican bodyguards.  Andy’s just a little bit more in love with Nancy.  Silas is all about making a career out of his marijuana prowess. Shane’s going through puberty, and Celia Hodes is down in Mexico with Kevin Alejandro, making the lives of everyone she meets just a little more insane.
Great casting this season, as Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the cast for a few episodes in a pitch perfect role as Nancy’s sister (seriously, brilliant, these two together make the show), and look for Alanis Morissette to play a little doctor later this year. Don’t miss the premiere Monday night!


Nurse Jackie Series Premiere – Monday, June 8th at 10:00PM EST