Weeds Announces Webisode Series University Of Andy

We know it’s June, but it’s time to go back to SCHOOL!

WEEDS’s resident funnyman and fan favorite Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk) will be teaching a how-to course on everything from “Starting a Band” to “Surviving a Bear Attack” in the hilarious new webisode series, “UNIVERSITY OF ANDY.”

WEEDS, SHOWTIME’s top-rated comedy series, returns for a fifth season tonight and will air Mondays at 10p PT/ET. Throughout the season, fans will follow along online with Andy’s lessons in life videos on topics as wide ranging as “How to Survive the Apocalypse” to “How to Hold Your Liquor,” to name but a few of the hot topics Professor Andy will take on.  More courses will rollout each week for at least 8 more weeks.  For each class, there’s a quiz at the end that fans need to pass in order to eventually get a degree!

Golden Globe®-nominee Justin Kirk channels his alter-ego’s, zany and unique take on life lessons for the webisodes. On the show, when Nancy’s (Mary-Louise Parker) husband dies unexpectedly, Andy steps in to fill the void and act as de facto dad to his nephews. His sometimes pot-influenced advice ranges from loopy to downright dangerous, but his good intentions always shine through.


To enroll, visit www.universityofandy.com