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Watch The Making Of NCAA FOOTBALL 12 On ESPNU

Watch The Making Of NCAA FOOTBALL 12 On ESPNU

NCAA Football 12 

The EA SPORTS team is bringing you an inside look at the trials and tribulations involved in the creation of the upcoming NCAA Football 12. Catch the four-part series exclusively on ESPNU starting this Thursday!

The show will take you behind-the-scenes and into the studio as the EA SPORTS team races to finish its perennial college football powerhouse.

With the new collision based tackling system, improved zone defense, and upgraded in-game graphics, gameplay in NCAA 12 has been given a serious upgrade. If you’re still not convinced, check out the free demo on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network where you can play in two mammoth matchups and unlock five free uniforms for the full version of the game.

Episode 1 premieres on ESPNU July 14th at 7pm ET and NCAA Football 12 comes out July 12th. Order your copy today on Origin!

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