WaitingForSuperman.com Pledge Progress Meter Launches

WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN” launched its “Pledge Progress Meter” today on WaitingForSuperman.com. To kick it off, First Book has committed to donating 250,000 new books to schools and programs in low-income communities across the country once the pledge meter reaches 50,000 pledges.

By committing to see the film, an individual can take the first step to become part of the film’s social action campaign to help fix America’s failing public schools.  First Book is the first sponsor of the Progress Meter, where non-profits, foundations and corporations will match individual pledge levels with powerful action items aimed at helping both students and public schools.

“First Book envisions a world where all children can grow up with enriched learning opportunities and an abundance of books in their homes and classrooms,” said Kyle Zimmer, president and CEO, First Book. “As individuals take that first small step to pledge to see the film, they are joining with First Book in bringing thousands of new books to children who need them most.”

WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN” directed by Davis Guggenheim (AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) examines the crisis of public education in the United States through multiple interlocking stories. Designed to start a national conversation, the movie and corresponding “Take the Pledge” campaign aim to inspire everyone to create innovative and long-term solutions to help change the course of our kids’ lives for the better.

People who have pledged are encouraged to see the film when it opens in their area beginning September 24. “Take the Pledge” is modeled after the “Demand It” campaign that launched PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to success last fall.

“The film is a powerful tool to convene a conversation on this issue,” said Paramount Pictures’ Co-President of Marketing, Megan Colligan. “People who pledge are not just showing their support for both the issue and the film, but they are inspiring action from non-profits, foundations and corporations that can make a difference immediately.”

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