THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: What To Expect In “Stay”

So here is the thing about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES:  no one every really leaves — characters have tried to leave, or they have died and come back.  That means one never really knows if anything the show does with a character is permanent.  That’s the good news.  The bad news:  fans are always afraid that one day the show will change tactics and reverse all that good fortune.  But, suffice it to say, in the upcoming episode “Stay,” THE VAMPIRE DIARIES manages to find a way to balance both the good and the bad and it will still leave fans wondering.

Closure.  That’s the funny thing about supernatural shows.  That is the one thing that remains elusive.  It is also what gives fans hope for the future — because nothing is ever written in stone and the show is still able to do miraculous and surprising things.

So what can fans expect from “Stay.”  Well, for one, there’s a fabulous kiss.  I mean really.  Sun shining, gorgeous and just as tender as one would wish for any good kiss.  It is not too hard to guess who is kissing who, but long-time shippers will be elated that this moment has finally come.

Also turning a page in “Stay,” will be what’s next with Enzo (Michael Malarkey).  As executive producer Julie Plec revealed:  all is not going so well with Enzo’s complicated plan for revenge against Stefan (Paul Wesley).  Poor Enzo.  But it is too soon to weep for that diabolical vamp.  You can never predict what he is going to do next and it is guaranteed that you cannot sideline him for long.

As for the other diabolic creature roaming about Mystic Falls, Kai (Chris Wood) is remarkably absent but not truly gone in this week’s episode.  The shadow he casts (even with his newfound sense of humanity due to the merge with Luke) means that Kai is like a bad seed and will surely turn up when no one expects it — and it is probably not a good thing when he does.

So what is up with those who are not out to kill everyone in their path and not sidetracked by all the kissing, well, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is one foot out the door with a long-awaited trip off to college.  Is there anyone out there that gets why he wants to study art?  I seem to have missed that burning passion in his bones.  But big sis Elena (Nina Dobrev) seems ecstatic that her little brother is getting as far away from Mystic Falls as possible.  Then Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is doing his best to be supportive and on board and trying to show he also cares whether Jeremy comes or goes or just vanishes.  Fortunately, Damon is a soft-touch for anything that Elena wants, so suffice it to say, what Elena wants, Damon will move Heaven-and-Earth to make happen.

As typical for any VAMPIRE DIARIES episode, a lot happens in the course of one episode.  It is why fans have been tuning in week after week for six seasons.  So expect a lot to happen in this episode. Some of it will make you teary-eyed, some if it will make you roar with laughter, some of it is head-scratching and plain old bewildering, and some if it will leave you on the edge of your seat.  Just another week in Mystic Falls and we would not have it any other way!

So tune in and enjoy the feast of delights in this week’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode “Stay,” airing Thursday, February 12th at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.  It’s heart-warming, heart-clutching and heart-wrenching in all the right places.  It’s own version of a Valentine for the fans.