Valentines Available From Grey’s Anatomy, Lost And Ugly Betty

Locke Lost Valentine
Dedicated to expanding its network and channel brands across multiple platforms and connecting viewers with their favorite shows anytime and anywhere, announced today that it is sharing the love with e-mailable Valentines from your favorite ABC series.


Is life torture without your Valentine? Then send a greeting from Sayid on "Lost." Do you seriously want someone to be your Valentine? Meredith from "Grey's Anatomy" will help you get the job done. Each of your favorite characters from ABC's hit series can help you play Cupid with a clever quip to connect with your special someone.

In addition, the team has created video montages with the leading ladies and handsome hunks of primetime showcasing steamy kisses, impossible romances and fantastic walks down the aisle to get you in the mood for the most amorous day of the year. Get your Valentine fix now at!

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