UNNATURAL HISTORY Series Premiere Details

Unnatural History, Cartoon Network’s first hour-long, live-action mystery series, delivers a new case each week of cinematic, action-packed adventure.  Executive producer and creator Mike Werb (The Mask, Face/Off) wrote the pilot episode, which was directed by Emmy® Award winner Mikael Salomon (Band of Brothers, The Andromeda Strain, The Company). Thania St. John (Eureka, Drop Dead Diva) serves as executive producer along with Werb.  The series is produced by Warner Horizon Television. Unnatural History will air Sunday nights at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network beginning June 13.

“Cartoon Network is expanding the boundaries of traditional kids programming in prime time.” said Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network. “Unnatural History brings young audiences an event-quality hour long action series each week”

Unnatural History centers on Henry Griffin (Kevin G. Schmidt), a teenager with exceptional skills acquired through years of globetrotting with his anthropologist parents. When his parents think it’s time for him to lead a normal high school life, they pack him up to live with his uncle Bryan (Martin Donovan) and cousin Jasper (Jordan Gavaris) in Washington, DC. But this isn’t just any high school; it’s located on the grounds of The National Museum Complex. And as Henry, Jasper and their friend Maggie (Italia Ricci) soon learn, this museum is chock full of mysteries that will put Henry’s worldly skills to the test.

During Henry’s childhood, he lived among the most exotic people in the world. A student of their ways, he learned the art of self-defense, the skills to survive in the wild and the secrets of their cultures.  Having adventures and experiences with masters from around the world, Henry came to possess special physical and mental skills: He can scale walls, throw a javelin and catch a blowgun dart in a fight. Although these skills can come in handy when dealing with sticky situations, they’re not necessarily the best for fitting into high school.

Each week, Henry, Jasper and Maggie investigate a new mystery based on the history, science and foreign culture surrounding The National Museum.  However, these mysteries aren’t Henry’s only peril: He’ll also have to figure out how to navigate the equally mysterious social hallways of high school.