UNITED STATES OF TARA Season 3 Episode Guide


#301 – “…youwillnotwin…”

Written by: Diablo Cody

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Michael Hitchcock, Michael Willett

Season 3 begins with Tara (TONI COLLETTE) returning to the family’s Labor Day barbecue, after a transition to Buck leads her on an unexpected mission. Kate (BRIE LARSON) is trying desperately to plan the next phase of her life, one that does not include college or living with her very pregnant Aunt Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT), who, in her own way, avoids committing to Neil (PATTON OSWALT). Meanwhile, student filmmakers Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) and Lionel Trane (MICHAEL WILLETT) make their first commitment together when they purchase a new video camera for film class.  All the college talk makes Tara realize how badly she wants to finish the last few credits of her own degree, and so, with the help of Ted Mayo (MICHAEL HITCHCOCK), Tara enrolls in a few classes, including a psychology course taught by the charismatic Dr. Jack Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD). But Max (JOHN CORBETT) is fearful that the stress of college will cause Tara to transition…or worse.


#302 – “Crackerjack”

Written by: Dave Finkel & Brett Baer

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Michael Hitchcock, Aaron Christian Howles, Scott MacDonald,  Michael Willett

As Tara (TONI COLLETTE) walks into her first Abnormal Psychology class, she transitions into her psychiatrist alter Shoshanna and begins lecturing her fellow students, only to be interrupted by the actual professor, Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD), who uses Tara’s incident to embarrass her in front of her classmates as well as to vocalize his skepticism about D.I.D.  At the same time, high school film students Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST), Lionel (MICHAEL WILLETT) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) set out to make a movie that their narrow-minded teacher won’t soon forget.  Max (JOHN CORBETT) has his own worries when his biggest lawn-care competitor Larry (SCOTT MACDONALD), offers to buy Max’s business which, if Max accepts, would put his best friend Neil (PATTON OSWALT) out of a job. The timing couldn’t be worse, since Neil has just moved in with Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT), to help bring their baby into the world. This adds to Kate’s (BRIE LARSON) desperation to get out of Charmaine’s house, and she finds an opportunity to teach English in Japan, an idea that leaves Max & Tara less than thrilled.

#303 – “The Full Fuck You Finger”

Written by: Rolin Jones

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Guest Stars: Frances Conroy, Seth Morris, Bellamy Young

Tara (TONI COLLETTE) is stretching herself thin between college and planning a baby shower for an unappreciative Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT), causing Tara to transition. With no time to rest, Tara’s alters begin to fight for control of the body, with terrible consequences for Charmaine…Kate’s (BRIE LARSON) Japan plans are almost derailed by a natural disaster, but a chance meeting with a beautiful flight attendant (BELLAMY YOUNG) leaves Kate to wonder if there are better possibilities to pursue without leaving the country. Meanwhile, Max (JOHN CORBETT) must visit his compulsive hoarder mom Sandy (FRANCES CONROY) to get her signature and sell the family business to OrgaLawn. A few days later, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) returns with Max to help clean his Grandma’s house and learns some things about his father’s past that make him worry about the strength of his own family ties.


#304 – “Wheels”

Written by: Ron Fitzgerald

Directed by: Penny Marshall

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Aaron Christian Howles, Kevin Manwarren,

Michael Willett,  Bellamy Young

Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) is rushed to the hospital in the same ambulance as Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and declares Tara’s craziness be kept away from her newborn child, with proud father Neil (PATTON OSWALT) at her side. Tara’s stress about exams almost pushes Max (JOHN CORBETT) to the boiling point. Fed up and frustrated with her crazy selves, Tara gathers all of her alters and attempts to make a deal, something Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) finds very intriguing…Kate (BRIE LARSON) is stranded at the airport with a charmingly clueless luggage handler Ray (KEVIN MANWARREN) and nervous to tell her parents that she couldn’t go through with Japan, but the beautiful flight attendant (BELLAMY YOUNG) is there to inspire her once more. Meanwhile, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST), Lionel (MICHAEL WILLETT) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) use Charmaine’s empty house to experiment with each other in new and exciting ways.


#305 – “Dr. Hattaras’ Miracle Elixir”

Written by: Elizabeth Benjamin

Directed by: Tricia Brock

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Aaron Christian Howles, Michael Willett, Scott

MacDonald, Riki Lindholme, Cathy Shambley

Tara (TONI COLLETTE) attempts to drop the psych class taught by Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD), but he proposes an alternative idea that Tara’s not entirely sure about.  Meanwhile, new parents Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) and Neil (PATTON OSWALT) are finding that babies are harder than they look. Despite Tara’s attempts to help, Charmaine remains committed to keeping Tara away from the baby.  Max (JOHN CORBETT) is having trouble in his new job and finds himself at odds with his new boss.  Kate (BRIE LARSON) is set to begin Flight Attendant training, alongside incompetent trainee, Daisy (RIKI LINDHOLME), and a tough veteran trainer, Bunny (CATHY SHAMBLEY).  Lionel (MICHAEL WILLETT) walks in on Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES), leaving their relationship and their entry to the New York High School Film Festival in jeopardy.


#306 – “The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions”

Written by: David Iserson

Directed by: Jamie Babbit

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Aaron Christian Howles, Keir O’Donnell,

Pamela Reed

With the help of the alters’ new contract, an excited Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and still skeptical Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) seem to be making progress, but the real test comes when Tara’s mother Bev (PAMELA REED) is invited to visit her new grandchild by a scheming Neil (PATTON OSWALT), much to the chagrin of Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) and Tara. Meanwhile, Max (JOHN CORBETT) continues to struggle with his new position at OrgaLawn, but his attempts to get support from Tara are left unfulfilled.  Now a fully-certified flight attendant, Kate (BRIE LARSON) seems to hit it off with frequent flyer Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL), but is shocked when her attempts at flirting are rebuffed.  Back at home, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) grow closer watching old tapes of Max & Tara in preparation for their entry to the New York High School Film Festival. But it is Hattaras, listening to a new tape made from that day’s session, who hears the voice of Tara’s menacing new alter…


#307 – “The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of


Written by: Sheila Callaghan

Directed by: Jamie Babbitt

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Michael Hitchcock, Aaron Christian Howles,  Keir O’Donnell, Michael Willett

Tara (TONI COLLETTE) is feeling better than ever and begins planning a birthday party and baby shower for Max (JOHN CORBETT) and Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT). Max is delighted by Tara’s idea to reunite his old band Beaverlamp, with the help of Ted Mayo (MICHAEL HITCHCOCK). Tara attempts to continue her sessions with a strangely depressed Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) who turns her away, something Max does not take lightly.  Kate (BRIE LARSON) is still confused and upset that frequent flyer Evan (KEIR ’DONNELL)

is not interested in her, but inclement weather grounds their plane and brings the two together. Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) and Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES) interview Max in preparation for their film festival submission, which proves to be enlightening and very intense.


#308 – “Chicken ‘n’ Corn”

Written by: Dave Finkel & Brett Baer

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: George H. Brett, Aaron Christian Howles, Keir O’Donnell, Gillian Vigman

A scare at a local corn maze prompts Tara (TONI COLLETTE) to transition into Chicken and run off, only to be found crying by Noah (AARON CHRISTIAN HOWLES). When Marshall’s (KEIR GILCHRIST) film gets accepted into the New York High School Film Festival, Marshall asks Max (JOHN CORBETT) to escort him to New York but there’s only one problem: Max is deathly afraid of flying.  En route to New York, Kate (BRIE LARSON) escorts Max and Marshall to St. Louis, where they are introduced to Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL) and his unruly son, prompting Kate to question her commitment to Evan.  Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) attempts to get her first alone time since giving birth and ends up meeting a “fierce mommy” named Abby (GILLIAN VIGMAN) at a spa. Later, Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) is confronted in his office by Alice, who reveals a painful secret, prompting him to reinvest in Tara.  A mysterious new alter emerges and takes Charmaine’s baby for a wild ride before revealing itself to Hattaras for the first time.


#309 – “Bryce Will Play”

Written by: Rolin Jones

Directed by: Adam Bernstein

Special Guest Star: Eddie Izzard

Guest Stars: Keir O’Donnell, Robert Picardo, Gillian Vigman

After revealing her frightening new alter Bryce, Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and Dr. Hattaras (EDDIE IZZARD) meet with KSOP Psychology Co-chair Dr. Smolow (ROBERT PICARDO) and discuss the “Abusive Alter Concept.” Smolow warns Hattaras about the ethical implications of getting so involved with a student, but to no avail. In New York, Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) takes Max (JOHN CORBETT) to the premiere of his short film “Max Makes Good,” which leaves Max hurt and Marshall confused. Kate (BRIE LARSON) and Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL) continue their long distance relationship, with the greatest difficulties coming from Evan’s kid.  Back in Kansas, Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) and new friend Abby (GILLIAN VIGMAN) meet with a group of chic mothers.” Tara, under Hattaras’ watchful eye and with the help of some new meds, decides not to tell Max about Bryce until he returns from New York City, but Bryce makes sure Hattaras knows he has no intention of staying subdued.


#310 – “Train Wreck”

Written by: David Iserson & Sheila Callaghan

Directed by: Bille Eltringham

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Michael Hitchcock Keir O’Donnell,

Aaron Christian Howles, Michael Willett

A heavily-medicated Tara (TONI COLLETTE) rids the house of all Bryce-ness, in preparation for the return of Max (JOHN CORBETT) and Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) from New York. Max is shocked to learn of Dr. Hattaras’ swift departure and is understandably nervous about its implications on his wife’s mental health, especially in the wake of shocking news about Lionel Trane (MICHAEL WILLETT).  Neil (PATTON OSWALT) returns home with a job, trying to persuade a reluctant Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) that Houston would be a great place to raise their child. Kate (BRIE LARSON) and Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL) continue their struggle to define their relationship.


#311 – “Crunchy Ice”

Written by: Ron Fitzgerald

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Frances Conroy, Keir O’Donnell

Bryce (TONI COLLETTE) has taken over Marshall’s room and is wreaking havoc on the Gregson family. Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) has moved in with Grandma Sandy (FRANCES CONROY) to keep a distance from his family while he grieves the loss of Lionel. Kate (BRIE LARSON) is spending more and more time with Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL) and his son in St. Louis, while Neil (PATTON OSWALT) continues to pressure Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) into moving to Houston.  One by one, Tara’s other alters are disappearing and Max (JOHN CORBETT) realizes he has to take action before Bryce can do any more damage. But will Max and the family be able to fight off Tara’s most self-destructive alter before he puts Tara’s life in real danger?


#312 – “The Good Parts”

Written by: Dave Finkel & Brett Baer

Directed by: Craig Zisk

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Michael Hitchcock, Keir O’Donnell,

Gillian Vigman

Tara (TONI COLLETTE) and Max (JOHN CORBETT) decide to get Tara the sophisticated help she needs from the Boston specialist that Hattaras had referred. But first the Gregsons have to once again put the pieces of their fractured family back together.  There are so many details to be ironed out, including where Marshall (KEIR GILCHRIST) is going to live and how he is going to finish school. Evan (KEIR O’DONNELL) surprises Kate (BRIE LARSON) with a life-changing proposal. Neil (PATTON OSWALT) and Charmaine (ROSEMARIE DEWITT) are finalizing their Houston plans despite a last minute objection from her new fierce mommy friend Abby (GILLIAN VIGMAN). Finally, Tara and Max head to Boston to begin the next phase of her life…