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TV Land Announces The Launch Of TV Land Prime

TV Land Announces The Launch Of TV Land Prime


TV Land Announces The Launch Of TV Land Prime

TV Land announced today the launch of TV Land PRIME, a new primetime programming block designed to appeal to the attitudes, life stage and interests of people in their 40s and 50s, catering specifically to people in their mid-40s.  Debuting October 6, this primetime destination will feature original programming such as TV Land hit franchises “High School Reunion,” “She’s Got The Look” and the upcoming series “The Cougar,” acquired television series such as “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Scrubs” and “That 70s Show” and theatrical releases including “Analyze This,” “Titanic” and “Independence Day.”
Equipped with a new logo, color scheme and on-air graphics program, TV Land PRIME will air Monday through Friday, 9pm to midnight beginning October 6 on TV Land.  TV Land PRIME’s programming is defined as entertaining, engaging, escapist and most importantly — targeted for this Adult demographic — a dynamic group with unmatched purchasing power. Moving forward, all of TV Land’s original programming, contemporary television series acquisitions and movies will premiere solely in this daypart.
“MTV Networks has always connected deeply through original content for a wide range of audiences, so the new step for TV Land to embrace adults in their 40s and 50s is a smart and dynamic move,” states Judy McGrath, MTV Networks chairman and CEO.  “TV Land is a priority and a vital part of the MTV Networks roster.”
“TV Land PRIME is a natural progression of the TV Land brand,” said Larry W. Jones, president, TV Land. “We have had great success with our original programming like “High School Reunion” and “She’s Got The Look,” so we are thrilled to continue to create provocative new shows and air them alongside proven hits as we build a channel for this targeted Adult audience.”
New and returning original series and pilots commissioned for TV Land PRIME include:
“High School Reunion” – The second season of this successful TV Land original series brings together high school alumni from Chandler, Arizona 20 years after their graduation as they gather for two weeks for an exotic vacation getaway in Kauai, HI.  The eight-episode series is slated to premiere in early 2009 and reunites classmates from all walks and stages of life who have issues to address and resolve since their high school days. Executive produced by Mike Fleiss (“The Bachelor”) in association with Warner Horizon Television.
“She’s Got The Look” – Back for a second season, and growing from six episodes to eight, this series is done in collaboration with Wilhelmina Models, Inc., and sets out to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older destined to become the next great supermodel.  The winner will receive a lucrative modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models, Inc. and a photo spread in a national magazine. Executive produced by Allison Grodner (“Big Brother”).

“The Cougar” – An elimination dating series where eligible young men vie for the attention of a sexy and accomplished mature woman.   Through a series of creative and romantic challenges, men will be eliminated each week –- all at the discretion of the Cougar. The eight episode series is executive produced by Mike Fleiss (“The Bachelor”) in association with Warner Horizon Television.
“Myths & Legends” – Premiering October 8 at 10:00pm (previously announced to air August 27), this original series is back for a second season with seven brand new episodes. “Myths & Legends” answers all those burning questions that have been endlessly lurking in the minds of pop culture junkies for years. Questions discussed include: Did heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne bite the head off a live bat? Was Jayne Mansfield decapitated in her fatal automobile accident? Is J. Lo’s best “asset” insured for over a million dollars? Executive produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions (“Little People, Big World”).
“First Love/Second Chance” – This pilot gives long-lost sweethearts an opportunity to rekindle their romance — years later.  Whether it is unrequited love or a relationship that ended badly, the couples decide if there’s still a romantic link after all these years and answer the question, “What could have been?” Produced by Granada Entertainment USA (“Celebrity Fit Club” and “Hell’s Kitchen”).
“What's in the Box” – TV Land PRIME’s first game show pilot features individual contestants squaring off in the ultimate, fast-paced 20-question competition.  Through a series of pointed yes or no answers to questions like, “Does it move?” or “Is it man-made?,” the players must figure out what’s in the box without giving their opponent the upper-hand – all for a cash jackpot and a chance to win a fabulous grand prize. Executive produced by Bunim/Murray (“Real World,” “Living Lohan,” “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”).
“Make My Day” – This show provides a window into one day in the life of an unsuspecting participant.  Hidden cameras capture the action as contestants are put through a series of weird coincidences, extraordinary situations and surprise appearances. Executive produced by Michael Davies (“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,” “Life Swap,” “Power of 10”) with Monkey Kingdom.
“I've Got Your Number” – This reality pilot based on a British format proves the theory that there is a 76% chance that you already have the number of the person you’re going to marry in your cell phone. Produced by FremantleMedia (“American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent”).

“How Rich Are You?” – We’ve all driven by an enormous home and asked the question, “Who lives there?” This show unveils the truth about the people who occupy these homes, what else they own and reveals how they went from average Americans to mega-moguls. Executive produced by Mark Burnett (“Survivor,” “The Apprentice”) and Zoo TV.
“Now or Never” – Empty nesters are given the chance of a lifetime to open a new chapter in their lives by pursuing careers they always dreamed of, but never dared to pursue.  In each installment, couples try out their dream jobs, a new place to live and a whole new social scene before making the gut-wrenching decision of which path to follow. Produced by RDF USA (“Wife Swap”).
“Boomerangers” – TV Land PRIME explores the exploding occurrence of “boomerang kids,” young adults who return home from college to live with their parents. Cameras capture the parents and kids who are, once again, together under the same roof. Cast contingent. Produced by Evolution Media (“The Real Housewives of Orange County”).
Contemporary acquisitions slated to air in TV Land PRIME include hit series "That 70's Show," “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Scrubs,” “Friends” and “Third Rock from the Sun.”  Theatrical releases on TV Land PRIME will include “Ray,” “A River Runs Through It,” “Love Actually,” “Analyze This” and “Jerry Maguire.”
TV Land PRIME will offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities beyond the traditional 30 second commercial spot. Key advertisers will be able to integrate their marketing messages into the network’s programming in unique ways during TV Land PRIME, including product integration, co-branded interstitials and convergent on-air and online opportunities.
Online, viewers can visit to fully experience the programming in TV Land PRIME. includes a mix of features such as exclusive original and acquired video content, games, trivia, photos, entertainment news and the ability to connect with other fans to offer a rich entertainment experience.

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