Trust Me

Trust Me On TNT

Trust Me On TNT
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Be sure to tune in after tonight’s all new The Closer for the premiere of Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh in Trust Me. The show, set in an advertising agency is fast paced, funny, sweet, and interesting.

From TNT, here is a description of the show:

Set against the backdrop of the high-pressure world of advertising, TRUST ME focuses on Mason (McCormack) and Conner (Cavanagh), a pair of ad men whose strong creative partnership has served the firm of Rothman Greene & Mohr extremely well over the years. Mason, an art director, is a responsible, workaholic family man with a beautiful wife, Erin (Sarah Clarke), two children and an undying loyalty to the brands he helps sell. By contrast, his writing partner, Conner is a single, impulsive copywriter with the attention span of a teenager. Their yin-yang relationship is put to the test when [SPOILER ALERT] Mason is named a creative director of the agency, making him Conner’s boss. The series follows the changing dynamics between the two friends, who are better together than they are apart. Also working in the same creative group is new hire Sarah Krajicek-Hunter (Monica Potter), an award-winning copywriter whose forceful personality has a tendency to rub people the wrong way. Hector (Geoffrey Arend) and Tom (Mike Damus) are a junior creative team with untraditional ideas that don’t always sit well with their new boss. The entire team is supervised by Tony Mink (Griffin Dunne), a man who lives and dies by the advertising business but has a growing sense his days in this young person’s business may be numbered.

The show brings together two of my favorite characters from the recent TV past (Will from Will and Grace; Ed from, well, Ed) and they have a really great friendly chemistry, which makes it seem like they really have been friends and partners for years. To me, however, the highlight of the first two episodes was Monica Potter’s put-upon Sarah. She plays exasperated and underappreciated really well, and I think that she’s going to break out (finally) from this role!

For fans of Mad Men, you’ll like the show because of the advertising world. For non-fans of Mad Men, the shows are exponentially different, so you’ll still enjoy it! The show isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a very easy way to spend an hour on Monday nights!

The Trust Me Series Premiere Airs On TNT Monday, January 26th at 10:00PM EST.