Top 5 Things you need to Take Your PS4 to the Next Level

The ultimate gaming experience is a culmination of many different factors working together. If you are into intense gaming, then chances are you’ve realized that top of the line gaming accessories are just as crucial to your overall experience as your PS4 console.

Think of it this way, if you could combine the comfort of, say an ergonomic gaming chair, with the versatile design of a green forest computer desk, then set up a rig with the latest simulation VR tech, then what’s to stop you from going pro?

That said, PS4 gaming has evolved significantly over the years, giving gamers a more intense, more life-like experience. It is next level stuff! So let’s get right into it with a list of some of the best console accessories on the market right now.

PlayStation Camera/PlayStation Motion Controllers

First in line, and perhaps the least used accessories are the PlayStation Camera and the Motion controller. This combo allows you to use actual physical motions to control particular games, such as tennis, boxing, or even simulate physical combat. This is especially useful for people who want a more realistic feel when it comes to gaming, giving them the kind of experience you would get from playing the actual game.

There is a catch though. These Motion Controllers only function effectively if you have the PS4 camera, which is the main component required to transform your PS4 into a motion savvy rig. The camera does have other functions, like streaming live, and you can also give voice commands and what not. Bottom line, if you’re not a fan of controllers, then this will definitely tickle your fancy.

HD Console Gaming Monitors

While most gamers confine themselves to garden variety digital TVs for their PS4s, it is important to note that there are actually gaming monitors that are better suited for consoles. These monitors range anything from 22” to 27”, standard sizes, nothing too big, and nothing too small. The idea behind this is the fact that large sizes do tend to result in pixelationissues, and they do sometimes affect the clarity of the picture.

It’s not just restricted to image quality. Most modern day console monitors come equipped with everything from flicker-free technology to protect from eyesight strain, high-level refresh rate, and over-the-top response time. Compared to your average TV, these console monitors are definitely the best bet.

PlayStation VR Headset

Motion controllers are one thing, but the world of Virtual Reality is a whole new ballgame. Although there aren’t many VR games on the market right now, the next step in console gaming is definitely virtual reality.

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This VR headset engulfs you in every detail of the game, with high tech surround sound, 3D, and much more. You are literally smack-right in the middle of the action, you feel like you can physically touch the characters.

VR is the definition of next-level, at the very peak of its powers.

PlayStation External Hard Drive

Console games are becoming more intense, more high tech, and more cutting edge. The more detail a game has, the more space it takes up. The standard 1TB on your PS4 just doesn’t cut it anymore, so you need to constantly try to figure out how to add more space to keep up with your game collection.

So why not just have an external HDD on standby? For intense gamers, this is more of a necessity than a choice, simply because between your downloaded games and all the videos and extras, your 1TB will run out quicker than you realize.

Recent software updates have made it possible for External HDDs to simply be plug and play. With varieties such as the Silicon Power External HDD, or the Fantom variety HDD, you can now get compatible storage to as much as 12TB!!

Cutting Edge Console Gaming Chairs

Even the most sophisticated gaming rig on the planet would be quite average, if it doesn’t address the comfort barrier. The only way to ensure your list of accessories is to ensure that you can sit on your rig for 12 hours straight and get a stiff back for your troubles.

PS4 gaming chairs featured

Fortunately, modern-day gaming chairs are built to improve everything from blood circulation to soothing, and acting as a remedy for back problems. We’re talking about features like 360-degree swivel on your simulator, 180-degree tilt that makes it more comfortable than your dentist’s chair, great back support, and they even throw in a foot-rest just for kicks.

Currently on the market are the X Rocker 51259, the ECR Soft Rocker, and The Giantex Floor folding gaming chairs. These come highly recommended.

Bottom Line

Most gamers relate rigs to PC gaming, but for the most part, Console gaming has evolved to a point where every component counts. Which is why if you want to take it to the next level, then you need to invest in next level equipment.