To Catch A Thief Odd Couple DVD Contest

Seat42f and Paramount Home Entertainment have teamed up to give 3 lucky winners a DVD prize pack containing one copy of The Odd Couple and one copy of To Catch A Thief on DVD. For a chance to win leave a comment below with why you want to add these classic DVDs to your collection. Only one entry per person. Contest ends April 7th. Winners will be notified on April  8th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

DVD Release Date: March 24th, 2009

The Odd Couple – Centennial Collection : Neil Simon has a special genius for finding the great hilarity in ordinary people doing everyday things. Like two divorced men who decide to share a New York apartment. That’s the premise of The Odd Couple, though there’s nothing odd in the casting of two Oscar®-winning talents like Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau. The two veteran funnymen work together with the precision timing of a vaudeville team, but always with bright spontaneity. Lemmon plays fussy Felix, fastidious to a fault. He proves that cleanliness is next to insanity. Matthau is Oscar, who wreaks havoc on a tidy room with the speed and thoroughness of a tornado. An enduring and endearing picture, with the intelligence on usually misses in comedies.

To Catch A Thief – Centennial Collection : Cary Grant plays John Robie, reformed jewel thief who was once known as “The Cat,” in this suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock classic thriller. Robie is suspected of a new rash of gem thefts in the luxury hotels of the French Riviera, and he must set out to clear himself. Meeting pampered heiress Frances (Grace Kelly), he sees a chance to bait the mysterious thief with her mother’s (Jessie Royce Landis) fabulous jewels. His plan backfires, however, but France, who believes him guilty, proves her love by helping him escape. In a spine-tingling climax, the real criminal is exposed.


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