Tips On Movie Analysis Essay Writing

Apparently, the idea of writing an analysis essay on a movie is less likely to bring fear to those who want to write an essay on a movie or redirect to the best essays online websites. Essay on film analysis is a plan to provide something which most people enjoy. Actually, the analysis is different than writing a review on a film which involves passively watching a movie. The analysis is a level which is beyond that of storytelling. Here are some steps which can be followed to write an interesting and authentic online essay analysis on a movie.

Step One:

Before watching the movie, it is recommended to read excerpts of the movie on the back of the DVD or available critical essay online. Watch the movie and try to watch it again after some hours. Don’t forget to grab a pen and notepad to take notes during the first viewing of the movies. If you are watching at your laptop or on DVD, be ready to grab your remote control to pause and rewind as as you take notes.

Step Two:

In order to produce a strong essay, it is recommended to view the movie critically. Movies have multiple themes and thematic concepts, you need to focus on a single concept which is related to the film. How the film is photographed, its landscaping, videography, scene setup, dialogue, and its presentation are all the aspects viewers are interested in reading about. In the history of movies, all of the above-mentioned aspects are uncompromisable and you should not leave out any of these movie features when writing an essay.

Step Three:

Now its time to introduce your readers to the crew and actors of the movie. Director’s past successful work and portfolio can be written down. Actors personal opinion about the movie can be quoted properly to get a true insight into the movie. If your analysis is focusing on the aspects of the movie like videography, scene capturing, dialogue and other technical work, names of technicians can be shared whose work is extraordinary. For example, cite the name of cinematographer if you are going to show the importance of shadows to film noir. Or share the name of the composer of the movie’s score if you are going to explain the significance of background music for a movie where the music creates the emotional tone of the film.

Step Four:

At this point, you need to write a brief overview of the story. Most writers get tempted and provide the whole synopsis of the movie which needs to be avoided as a writer needs to focus on film analysis. Sometimes the ending of the movie and plot twists can be described if they directly relate to your analysis.

Step Five:

The best writers take notes while working on their film essays. This is a strongly recommended practice for any writer to write their movie essay next to television as they watch a movie. Your notepad must stay with you in the theater or near your television while watching movies for a second and third time. Do not simply rely on your memory while watching movie events, dialogue or cinematic techniques.

Step Six

Before writing an essay you need to familiarize yourself with the technical jargon of the movie and the art of filmmaking. You need to know the difference between a cut and a dissolve. If the camera work is exceptional start writing about the camera work, and praise the cinematography while making sure to use the proper terminologies. Using appropriate filmmaking terms will fortify the authority of your essay.

Step Seven

Every essay has its start, body and then a conclusion. The conclusion of your writing should include your thoughts and ideas on why you would recommend this movie to others. Write to the target audience of this particular movie. It is more useful, to sum up, in a few words, the most important points of your analysis in order.