Tina Fey And Ellen Page Set For Saturday Night Live

Juno Movie Photo

I overslept. The alarm went off and I just couldn't get up. I finally strolled out of bed 20 minutes late and got myself going and managed to get into Starbucks and off to work almost on time. Albeit in a cranky ass mood. Why you ask? I wasn't 10 feet from the office when some jackass bumped me and spilled my morning fix . He gave me a shoulder shrug and a sorry as he sped off. Who says chivalry is dead? The company coffee ( swill ) tastes and smells like ass so I type this minus my morning buzz. I'm going to go look in the fridge and see if I can't steal someones energy drink to tide me over. Red Bull ain't coffee but it will do in a pinch. No one wants to be around me minus my AM caffeine.

So after a crappy start to the day I did run across some fantastic news. My favorite TV funny lady is Liz Lemon( Tina Fey) and she is set to host SNL this weekend – Feb 23rd. SWEET right? Even better Ellen Page is set to host the following weekend – Mar 1st. Liz Lemon and Juno back to back. That almost makes up for the a-hole who spilled my coffee.

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