Three New Chillingo Games Make It All About You


We get that you love to win – and determine how you get there – all for ultimate bragging rights. So you will definitely enjoy three new games from our friends at Chillingo that will stroke your ego as you dominate, play, and win.

To start, drive every aspect of the race in Dream Track Nation. Create your racetracks and then take your car for a blistering race on them. Launch off ramps, catapult into spins, and steer into victory. Edge out your competition by unlocking cars from a diverse fleet and challenge your friends to try to win on your very own tracks!

Next up, save the world alone in One Man Army. Your goal is to demolish the rampaging mutants by unleashing your fury with your tower defense and gun turrets. Succeed and your prize is world domination in this first-person shooting game.

To finish, run the show – and make it fabulous – while in snazzy New York City. Score points by solving problems and take your travel agency to the top.  Visit all of the posh events that you plan in the Big Apple in Jet Set Go, New York Vacation. The city is yours!

Determine your path to winning in Dream Track Nation, One Man Army and Jet Set Go, New York Vacation – Chillingo’s 3 new games that put the control in your hands.

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