Things To Know About Halal Products

Halal is associated with Islamic dietary laws. It is often mistaken for Kosher. Yet, it differs for various reasons, from being aligned with different religions to whether or not you can mix them with other ingredients. 

Furthermore, Halal and Haram foods should not be mistaken as they differ too. Halal meat involves meat that is slaughtered in an Islamic manner, whereby Haram meat does not follow methods prescribed by the Qur’an. 

It is considered that Halal meat is safer to eat as the blood is drained from bacteria, which concludes in fresher and better meat. It is extremely nutritious and healthy. Furthemore, it is delicious and ideal for eating in various ways. From meat tacos to vibrant salads, there are numerous ways in which you can enjoy halal foods. 

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Please look at the accompanying infographic if you are interested in learning more about this topic. It illustrates the information you might want to learn about halal and haram foods. The infographic gives you all the knowledge you require to understand halal, where to buy it, and whether it is healthy.

What is Halal
Infographic designed by: One Stop Halal halal