The Real World New Orleans Episode 8 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Jemmye steals the spotlight this week as she uses St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to get belligerently drunk which leads to her finally dealing with her past.


Jemmye steals the spotlight this week as she uses St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to get belligerently drunk which leads to her finally dealing with her past.

St. Patty’s Day gets off to an early start when Knight’s friend from back home calls the house super bright and early. It wakes up Preston who is less than thrilled about the wake up call. Apparently, Knight and his buddies always get trashed for St. Patty’s Day and do outrageous things. Shocking, I know. This year Knight’s goal is to pee green by the end of the night. Ahh.. what ambition!

Knight, McKenzie, Jemmye, and Preston (aka the “party peeps”) head off to the all-day St. Patty’s parties while Ryan, Sahar, Ashlee, and Eric (aka the “volunteer peeps”) go volunteer at Mission New Orleans preparing food for the homeless.

We’ll start with the volunteer peeps who are doing some good work at the Mission. After helping prepare and serve the food, Ryan even takes the initiative and talks to a young homeless guy. He is 22 years old and just recently became homeless. He and Ryan talk for a while about their past and what they each hope to do in the future and Ryan tries to give the guy some encouragement. For once it actually seems like Ryan is “real” and has a heart. Anyway, the volunteer peeps have a nice day at the Mission and head home.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Meanwhile, the party peeps waste no time before grabbing drinks and doing shots. By mid-day they have split up, Knight and Jemmye off to themselves, McKenzie starts chatting with a random guy named Grant, and Preston goes off on his own. Per usual, Knight and Jemmye don’t know how to take things slow so by dusk they are completely trashed. Jemmye is so trashed she can’t even climb out of the cab once they make it home. It makes for a hilarious scene as she is face first on the street hanging out of the cab trying her best to climb out but in slow-motion. Knight is standing there just cracking up. Once Jemmye makes it out of the cab then the challenge is walking up all the stairs to the house. She makes it up about five before coming back down three then back up two and spilling her drink along the way. When she makes it into the house, she slams the door behind her and heads to use the phone. She’s too drunk to figure out how to use the phone so instead she rips it out of the wall and breaks it. That’s going to go over well with the other roommates! At this point Jemmye has went from fun drunk to belligerent drunk. She is stumbling and falling everywhere, Knight has to help her to get in the shower and then she goes into meltdown mode laying on the floor of the shower crying. The girl clearly has some mental issues going on. After the shower she lays in bed briefly crying that she wants to go home. She then goes to lay on the couch, kicks everything off the coffee table including the glass top, needless to say Sahar and the other roommates that are there are pissed.

Jemmye continues the drama into the night. She is sick of being at the house and decides to go for a walk. She can still hardly walk but manages to stumble out of the house, through the gate, and down the street before anyone catches up to her. She sits down for a while in front of someone’s house before Ashlee and Eric finally carry her back to the house and tuck her in bed. Before long she’s back out of bed and now she’s playing piano. Surprisingly, the girl can actually play pretty well especially considering she’s three sheets to the wind. Later, she sits down with the roommates and is slightly more sober now and tells them that last St. Patty’s day was horrible, it was one of the last days that her ex beat her. Knight tells her that she needs to deal with this head on so she can move on.

McKenzie arrives home with her new boy toy, Grant, in tow. After she introduces him to the roommates and they make out for a while, she tries to call him a cab home but the phone is broken, so no dice. They go back to making out for a while and then they make out some more and some more till the wee hours when she finally sends him packing. Good girl, McKenzie! Preston also arrives home late but no boys in tow with him and then Eric is the last to show up but we never really get the full story of where he’s been. We actually never saw him volunteer at the Mission and he wasn’t out drinking, so I guess it’s just a mystery of what Eric does.

The next morning everyone is in hangover mode. Knight and McKenzie joke about their crazy night’s, but then we have Jemmye who is still in disaster mode. She’s now sober, not feeling well, and bitchy. She and McKenzie go for a walk later and talk about Jemmye’s past. Jemmye admits she needs to stop drinking so much and figure things out. When she gets home later Jemmye talks to Knight and decides to go to the domestic abuse shelter and talk to the social worker there who can help her figure things out. Knight goes with her and Jemmye tells the social worker all about her past, how her ex would abuse her by throwing her into things or drag her by her hair. In the end, Jemmye feels better after talking about her past and agrees to meet with the social worker once a week while she’s in New Orleans to try to sort things out.

I think Jemmye talking about her past will definitely help her move on. I’m surprised that Knight is still standing by her side through all of this. Do you think these two will stay together after the show wraps?

Next week, Ryan loses his cool, yet again. This time everyone in the house is starting to wonder if he’s crazy. And, coincidentally, all of Ashlee’s Percocet’s go missing. Are Ryan or Knight doing drugs again? Check back here next week to find out!