The Real World New Orleans Episode 6 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

World War III officially breaks out between Preston and Ryan this week after Ryan finds out Preston has been cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush. Meanwhile, Knight meets Jemmye’s mom and things get a bit awkward.


World War III officially breaks out between Preston and Ryan this week after Ryan finds out Preston has been cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush. Meanwhile, Knight meets Jemmye’s mom and things get a bit awkward.

The house is trashed once again and cockroaches are beginning to invade. It takes about four of the cast mates to kill one cockroach, Knight finally being the one to kill it, though he acts like a little girl too. Preston decides it’d be fun to scare Ryan with the dead cockroach and puts it under his pillow. The others ruin all the fun though and make him throw it in the garbage. Oh, the drama that could’ve been!

That’s nothing compared to the drama that’s about to go down though. Ryan asks Eric if he knows anything about Preston messing with his toothbrush. Eric gives in and tells him that Preston has been cleaning the toilet with it. As to be expected, Ryan is furious. He goes to Preston’s room and shreds his favorite beanie and throws it in the garbage and then goes outside to wait for Preston to get back from a walk so he can fight him.

When Preston does get back home, Ryan confronts him in the street in front of the house. Preston admits he did clean the toilet with the toothbrush; Ryan starts yelling at him and gets in his face. Preston stays calm and in the end Ryan does nothing. The neighbors are all outside watching the drama unfold so they end the fight. Knight jokes that he’s seen girls fight harder than this, and he makes a good point. Ryan is clearly all talk and no action.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Jemmye’s mom will be coming for a visit, so she and Knight have been getting to know each (maybe a little too well) by phone. He makes some dirty jokes to Jemmye’s mom, which you’d think would be off limits for a guy that has barely even been dating her daughter, but her mom seems to go along with it.

The next day, Knight tells Ryan about Preston peeing on his toothbrush. Until this point, Ryan just thought Preston had put his toothbrush in the toilet, so this just starts WWIII all over again. As usual though, Ryan is the ultimate drama queen and takes things to the extreme. He calls the cops to press charges on Preston! The cops show up while Preston is napping so they wake him up and ask him to give them a statement about the incident. Preston is shocked that Ryan has gotten the police involved. So, he tells the cops the story that Ryan called him a faggot so ‘if’ he did it, that’d be the reason why. He never actually admits to the cops what he did. Ryan also leaves out the fact that he rubbed Preston’s cigarettes on his ass. The cops ask Preston to come to the police station for further questioning but Preston knows if he’s not being arrested then he’s not legally required to go with them, so he refuses. Good example of knowing your rights! Ryan goes to the station to give them his statement and file the charges or at least a complaint. The cops come back later and Preston thinks they’re going to arrest him but instead they just give him a warning not to pull a stunt like that again. Seriously, the New Orleans police have nothing better to do than waste time on a toothbrush incident? I think after this episode someone in charge needs to reevaluate the resources they waste on petty complaints like this.

Sahar and the other girls do a girls night and go watch a local musician perform. Sahar has been wanting to follow her dreams of being a musician while in New Orleans, so this is the first step she hopes. The musician is Theresa Andersson who is actually an amazing performer. Sahar is pretty much speechless watching her perform. They get to meet Theresa after the show and Sahar gives her her email address and tells her she’s looking for guidance. Theresa ends up emailing the next day and wants Sahar to come to her house. Sahar is battling a little cold and her voice isn’t perfect so to make it better she uses a Neti Pot, which for those of you who missed the Oprah episode it’s a small pot with a spout and you pour water in one nostril and it runs through your nasal passages and back out the opposite nostril. The water brings everything – and I mean everything – out of your nasal passages. Knight and Eric about throw up watching Sahar and Jemmye use the Neti Pot. Sahar goes to Theresa’s house and she’s still a bit nervous but her voice is better. She sings for Theresa and actually has a really good voice; I was impressed. Theresa was impressed as well. I hope it’s just the beginning of Sahar’s music career.

Jemmye’s mom arrives; Jemmye and Knight were supposed to pick her up from the airport but she ends up arriving early and shows up at their gate. Everyone is still sleeping but Jemmye realizes it’s her mom at the gate and rushes to greet her. Jemmye thinks her mom was being sneaky. Hmm.. do you think she was? Later that day, Jemmye and Knight take her mom out on the town for drinks and a carriage ride, which ironically says “Just Married” on the back. Perhaps, it’s a glimpse at the future for these two? That night Jemmye, Knight and her mom are sitting around at the house. Jemmye and Knight are cuddling and her mom makes a joke that Knight is getting a bit too close to her daughter. Knight invites her mom over to cuddle with him too and makes a comment about feeling her boobs. If it were anyone else it might seem awkward but Knight seems to be able to get away with this and Jemmye’s mom dishes it right back to him.

Jemmye and her mom go to lunch the next day and talk about Knight. Her mom thinks Knight definitely has strong feelings for Jemmye, and clearly Jemmye has strong feelings for him. Could this actually be a long-lasting Real World couple? Call me crazy but I’m starting to think so.

Jemmye’s mom goes home the next morning after a very good visit. Things are starting to get better in the house as well. Ryan talks to Preston about breakfast and gives him a hug, and briefly massages his shoulders. What?! Honestly, Ryan may be the most confusing and confused cast member in Real World history. After Ryan leaves the room, Preston tells Jemmye he was just waiting for a knife in the back. Jemmye says Ryan is a weird kid and freaks her out. Me too, Jemmye, me too!

That afternoon they all go help at a homeless shelter called New Orleans Mission. They have to work as a team to cook burgers for the homeless and for a change they all get along. Once they get home Ryan and Preston talk again. Preston apologizes to Ryan for things getting so out of control, Ryan thanks him and tells him that means a lot. Preston says he’ll buy Ryan a new toothbrush. The only problem with that might be that Ryan threw Preston’s debit card out the window, but Preston doesn’t know about that yet. Ryan brags about it to a friend on the phone while Preston searches for it and his beanie.

Just when we thought the feud was over, it looks like it’s just beginning. Bring on the drama!