The Real World New Orleans Episode 11 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

With Ryan’s dramatic exit last week, the roommates finally start bonding more this week and having fun together. And, Pablo visits Sahar but he turns out not to be the guy she thinks he is.


With Ryan’s dramatic exit last week, the roommates finally start bonding more this week and having fun together. And, Pablo visits Sahar but he turns out not to be the guy she thinks he is.

The roommates go on a gator tour and are getting along amazingly well now that Ryan is gone. We can all enjoy watching the show a bit more now too. Once they get back home, Ashlee throws it out there that she thinks Knight and Jemmye should get married (or at least pretend to) while they’re in New Orleans. The other roommates jump on the bandwagon and start planning the ceremony. Knight is not happy about it at all. Jemmye tells him he needs to ‘man up’ to which he calls her a bitch. She ends up hitting him, and I don’t mean in a playful way.

The next day the roommates volunteer at the Mission and Loretta tells them that for their last volunteer project for the Mission she’d like them to walk in the shoes of a homeless person. No, not literally. She wants them to have to come to the Mission and sign in one night, eat the dinner there, and then sleep there in the backyard. So, basically it’s just camping out for one night. Preston can’t handle it though and says he’s not up for the challenge. Ashlee says she’ll think about it. The rest of the roommates, minus Knight who took the day to go to the gym, all agree to it.

Pablo is coming to visit Sahar soon and during his visit she’s going to perform a real show with a band. She practices the next day with a band called Flowtribe. She definitely seems to be getting more confident with herself and her voice which is great to see. Let’s just hope this practice will mean her not forgetting lyrics again on stage.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

That night is the “sleep out” when the roommates have to pretend to be homeless, sort of. After they all sign in, Loretta gives them homeless clothes, they eat dinner and then camp out in their sleeping bags. Loretta sticks around for a little while but then leaves. Leave it to Knight and Ashlee to take the chance to sneak out. They go roaming New Orleans drinking Starbucks. They justify it by saying that homeless people walk around all night too and they have to drink. Can’t say I’ve seen any homeless people drinking Starbucks though. When they return back to the Mission where all the other roommates are sleeping they decide to pull a prank. They flour bomb Eric and McKenzie. Eric gets back at Knight later though by throwing salsa on him… and in his eyes. Sucks to be him! Loretta ends up finding out about all this and tells Knight how disappointed she is. She hoped he would take the experience serious and learn something from it. Knight blabbers on about his past addictions. Haven’t we heard this story before?

The next morning, Loretta talks to all the roommates about the experience. She says she’s proud of all of them and thanks them, and they thank her as well and then surprise her with a brand new Sony Vaio laptop. Umm.. I’ll take one too! She gets tearsome thanking them.

Jemmye goes to the domestic abuse shelter to talk to Dale for her weekly meeting to chat. She tells Dale about hitting Knight and how angry she got. She says she’s happy with herself for finally expressing her anger, but knows she needs to talk about it, not hit. She realizes she needs to take care of herself first and not let things build up to where she gets so angry. When she gets home she and Knight get into a fun shaving cream fight. Nothing can keep Bonnie and Clyde apart!

Pablo arrives for his visit and Sahar is super excited! And, I truly mean she is super excited. Pablo also brings his two friends with him. What boyfriend brings their friends with to visit their girlfriend? I already don’t like this guy. Strike #1. That night they all go out to a bar and at the bar Pablo’s friends tell Knight that back home Pablo “gets more action than a toilet seat.” Strike #2. Knight can’t believe what he’s hearing and now he doesn’t know what to say to Sahar. Does he tell her and break her heart and hope she doesn’t hate him for breaking the news or does he keep his mouth shut and let her find out later for herself? I say he should bite the bullet and tell her, but he doesn’t. Sahar goes back to the hotel with the manwhore and does the walk of shame the next morning. Typically I’d say “you go girl!” but in this case I think “go get tested!” is more appropriate.

The next day the roommates, Pablo, and his friends go out and by the afternoon Pablo is well on his way to being wasted. Sahar’s performance is tonight so she asks him to just chill and not drink so much. Does he listen? Of course not. Sahar has to go practice with Flowtribe before the show, so Pablo stays to hang out with the roommates and the restaurant/bar. Jemmye asks him if he’s excited to see Sahar perform. He says he “doesn’t give a f*** but we gotta see her, right?” and then proceeds to hit on McKenzie. Strike #3. I think it’s time the roommates put this douchebag in his place. Unfortunately no one does.

Pablo arrives at Sahar’s show out of his mind wasted. As she puts it, she’s not even sure if Pablo is still even in his body. She tells his friends to just take him back to the hotel but they don’t. She goes backstage and cries by herself. Before she goes on Eric gives her a pep talk telling her to just forget about him a little while and put on a hell of a show. She ends up doing just that. She nails all the lyrics, sounds amazing, and has a ton of energy and is all smiles on stage. In other words, she kicked ass!

After her performance Sahar takes drunk Pablo back to his hotel and he can barely stumble out of the cab. She says she knows he cares about her but he’s not showing it in front of other people which hurts her. Umm… hello? He came to visit you, but brought two friends and then partied the whole time without you. I’m starting to think he’s only dating her because he wanted to get on the show and get a free trip to New Orleans out of the deal. Anyone else thinking that? Hopefully she breaks up with him next episode.

Next week, Ryan returns… for what I have no idea. His return stirs up all kinds of drama. Come back next week for that juicy story!