The Real World New Orleans Episode 10 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Ryan takes his drama to a whole new level this week when his brother and cousin visit. After he fights with the roommates and loses their SUV, will they send him home?


Ryan takes his drama to a whole new level this week when his brother and cousin visit. After he fights with the roommates and loses their SUV, will they send him home?

We begin with the roommates, minus Ryan, having a blast at a golf tournament. Not a one of them can golf worth a shit but they have fun trying. Knight ends up getting his golf cart stuck in the mud, go figure. After their fun filled day on the course, they return home dreading the presence of Ryan. Luckily, he stays out of their way as they all clean the house. Ryan ducks out by himself to go to dinner, and to avoid having to clean the house. What’s new?! It turns out Ryan was supposed to wait for Eric to go to dinner with him but he left without saying a word to Eric anyway.

While Ryan is gone the roommates sit down and talk about how much they hate Ryan. McKenzie thinks they need to confront him with their issues but Sahar stands up for him because she’s the only one he’s told about his ADHD problem. Clearly this is not an ADHD issue though; Ryan is just a douche, period. Ryan walks in as they’re still complaining about him and the room goes silent. Later, Preston calls for a house meeting, but Ryan refuses to join. Eric takes one for the team and talks one-on-one with Ryan about the issues their having with him. Some of the issues are that Ryan takes the SUV too much, always tries to cause arguments, never cleans, lied about taking Ashlee’s pills (though they never proved it) and the list goes on. Ryan owns up to most of the issues even admitting it was a douche move to bail on Eric for dinner, so for now things are settled between the roommates and Ryan. If they heard the call between Ryan and his brother later though, I don’t think they would feel the same way. Ryan laughs about the drama and says he loves it.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

The next day, Preston, Jemmye, and Sahar grab lunch and go to the park to hang out. They once again vent about their hatred for Ryan. Then Preston spots a cute puppy and calls it over, the owner brings it over and then the dog proceeds to steal Preston’s sub. HA! Later, Preston invites some new friends over to the house that he’s met in New Orleans. He has a crush on one of them named, Marty. They end up going on a date the next day to an ice cream shop. Preston really seems to like him and says he’d like to date him. What?! Preston wants to “date” someone?!

Back at the house, Ryan’s brother and cousin arrive. I would tell you their names but they prefer to go by “brother” and “cousin.” I wish I was kidding. Brother and Cousin are basically replicas of Ryan but with brown hair. This visit is going to be hell for everyone else in the house. That night they all go out to a bar. After a few drinks Knight tells Brother that Ryan was slamming his head against the car window the other night and he’s worried about him. Brother doesn’t say much which Knight takes as a sign that he already knows Ryan is a raging maniac troubled.

Eric brings home a girl from the bar and manages to get her to his bed but then Ryan bursts in a ruins it all. Ryan starts harassing the girl for her friend’s phone number. The girl ends up going home to get away from Ryan. Ryan’s cockblocking of Eric pisses him off but for now Eric maintains his cool. The next morning Ryan, Brother and Cousin wake Eric up being obnoxious. Brother and Cousin keep farting on Ryan and then Ryan is blowing the farts away with his blow-dryer. All of this is going on while Eric lay a few feet away trying to sleep. But, it’s Ryan’s birthday today so Ryan thinks the world should revolve around him today.

Ryan, Brother and Cousin take the SUV to the French Quarter for a day of drinking. How they plan on getting the SUV back after drinking all day is obviously not a concern to them. They end up taking a cab home later and conveniently try to blame everyone else in the house for the now missing SUV.

Preston has Marty over to the house again. Knight hangs out with them, sitting between them as any good chaperone would, until Preston and Marty start trying to kiss him then he’s out of there. Knight admits he’s changed since he first came to the house. He definitely seems to be opening up more and becoming more open-minded. Preston ends up going to bed with Marty.

The next morning, the SUV is still missing so Preston and Eric decide to go looking for it. Ryan gave them a rough idea of where it might be. After two hours of searching they finally find it. Of course, there is a ticket for being illegally parked all night. Preston and Eric leave the ticket on Ryan’s bed. Ryan never thanks either of them for finding the SUV.

Preston’s friend Allie from back home comes to visit. She is excited to see Preston falling in love with Marty. She says she’s never seen him like this before. Preston is having some issues dealing with the concept of being in a relationship though. Allie tells him that he needs to quit pushing people away.

That night Ryan, Brother, and Cousin go out again. They come back in the early hours of the morning and find the front door unlocked and Ryan didn’t take his key with him. Everyone is sound asleep, so he bangs on the door and rings the doorbell for a while but no one answers for him. Finally he’s able to jump the fence and come in through the back door. He starts yelling at the roommates for not opening the door for him as he runs through the house. He then goes into his room and bitches at Eric. This is the breaking point for Eric though and he goes off on Ryan about all the issues that have been building up. For a minute it looks like they’re going to fight but Ryan has the good sense (because Eric would own him!) to walk out of the room.

Eric and the other roommates, minus Ryan as usual, volunteer at Mission New Orleans. Eric fills them in on what happened with Ryan. Afterward they all go to dinner, again minus Ryan and things are nice – as they always are without Ryan. Preston and Marty go out again later and come back to the house and tell Ashlee and Eric that they’re now officially boyfriends. Eric jokes that he didn’t think Preston could settle for just one penis at a time.

The next day the roommates decide out of the blue to go see a psychotherapist. They never really explain why they’re there, but I think what happened is that the roommates told producers they wanted Ryan gone and this was a last ditch effort to get Ryan to straighten up. As a slap in their face Ryan shows up to the meeting late, drunk and with a can of beer in hand. He then ignores the psychotherapist for pretty much the entire meeting, instead he doodles on his piece of paper. Jemmye gives us the best quote all season, “I look over, and Ryan is playing tic tac toe with himself… and losing!”

After they get home they call for a house meeting, but yet again Ryan refuses to come to the meeting. This time they all try to corner him and force him to listen but he runs up and down the stairs to avoid them. The roommates all agree at this point that if Ryan can’t listen to what they have to say then he needs to go home. Eric finally gets to talk to Ryan for a minute but then Ryan starts placing the blame on everyone else. At this point Eric, Knight and Preston are ready to fight Ryan. Ryan tells Preston to fight him outside, but after Ryan walks outside Sahar slams the door and locks it. Go Sahar!

Ryan ends up climbing the fence and coming through the back door. He calls his brother and tells him to come to the house and help him pack, he’s going home. Brother arrives and helps him finish packing. Ryan says he’s happy about leaving. He doesn’t even tell the roommates goodbye, he hops in a Range Rover (which the roommates say was his most bad ass move the whole time) and leaves. Ding dong the whiney bitch is gone! It’s party time for the roommates!

Next week, Pablo comes to visit Sahar and see her perform live on stage but before she can even hit the stage, he’s trashed. This ends up being drama between Sahar and him. Oh boy, and I thought the drama was over when the door hit Ryan on the ass.