The Real World New Orleans Episode 1 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

The 24th season of MTV’s The Real World kicked off last night and the show is back in New Orleans. The show was there back in 2000, which was one of my personal favorites. Can this new batch of cast mates top that season a decade later?


The 24th season of MTV’s The Real World kicked off last night and the show is back in New Orleans. The show was there back in 2000, which was one of my personal favorites. Can this new batch of cast mates top that season a decade later?

Before we head to New Orleans, let’s first meet this season’s cast…

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Knight (real name is Ryan but goes by his last name of Knight) is 23 years old and from Kenosha, Wisconsin. His whole life was focused on hockey until he blew out both shoulders and then became addicted to the painkillers. He’s since been through rehab and is now doing better.

Jemmye (pronounced like Jimmy) is 21 years old from Starkville, Mississippi. She auditioned in her bikini and brags about how many tattoos she has, including one on her va-jay-jay. Seriously. She has packed her stripper heels and is ready to take on all of New Orleans, if you know what I mean.

McKenzie is 21 years old from Jupiter, Florida. She’s your stereotypical Florida girl with blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. What else is there to say?

Preston is 22 years old from Boston, and the token gay for this season. Way to break the mold, MTV. Preston loves fashion and doesn’t hold back his judgments of others. Oh, this should get interesting.

Ashlee is 23 years old and also from Boston, though originally from New Jersey. She got a full scholarship to Northwestern for basketball and she sells power tools for a living. Not exactly what you might expect when you look at this girl. She’s beautiful and has Angelina Jolie lips.

Eric is 24 years old from Arlington, Virginia. He has the most interesting job; he works for Diplomatic Security and travels the world. Not too shabby for 24 years old, right?

Sahar is 21 years old from Dearborn, Michigan. She loves music and singing, she says her dreams are too big for Dearborn. She has always lived with her parents and is looking forward to having fun and being free in New Orleans.

Ryan is 21 years old and from Tempe, Arizona. He has a bit of a preppy, emo look going on with his blonde, greasy looking hair. He actually does hair for a living. Don’t assume he’s gay though, he’s not and makes that clear, but then says he’ll call out rude, ignorant people. Umm… what?

So, there they are, this season’s eight crazies picked to live in a house together for the next three months and have it all taped for our viewing pleasure. Lucky us.

Preston and Jemmye are the first to arrive at the house, or shall I say mansion. This season’s house is pretty lavish, it appears to be three stories and features a fountain in front. The inside is decorated to fit the New Orleans theme, very stereotypical – clearly MTV didn’t want to shock us with too much creativity.

Eric and Ashlee, then McKenzie and Knight, and last but not least Sahar and Ryan arrive. Everyone is trying to figure out who is bunking with whom. It comes down to Ryan and Knight bunking together but Ryan throws a hissy fit and starts ‘campaigning’ to bunk with Eric instead. He gets Knight and Ashlee to agree to bunk together to make it happen. At this point in the episode I am already wondering how long I can stand Ryan this season. Yes, he is really that annoying.

After getting the bedroom situation figured out, the group sits down to get to know each other. They quickly get to who has problems with drugs. Of course we already know Knight’s addiction to painkillers which he admits to, but then we also find out Ryan has a history of popping Xanax. Ryan goes on to whining about his ex-girlfriend and how much drama she was. Blah blah blah. Knight gets tired of his whining and tells him he has no nuts which then sets off some awkward moments of “are they going to fight or aren’t they?” The drama doesn’t last too long as they call a truce.

They decide to head out to the clubs for their first night. Jemmye is wearing a short, tight dress and Ryan has no problem telling her that she looks like she’s trying to get raped. As he says, “she’s asking for it.” She holds back for now as it’s only day one but that’s not going to last forever.

At the clubs everyone is drinking a little too much, but it’s the first night so why not party hard. After all, they’re in New Orleans! Ryan tries to play the know-it-all and makes McKenzie put down her beer. He then whines that he’s sick of having to take care of everyone. His drama is already getting old and it’s just beginning.

As the night goes on the party moves over to a gay bar which makes Preston happy. No one in the group really seems to have a problem with the gay bar, except Ryan again who after flirting with a guy and accepting not one but two drinks then gets pissed when the guy tries making a move. Hello! You’re in a GAY bar! Preston tries to make Ryan feel better telling him that he should feel good that the guy thought he was cute, but Ryan fires back that when a gay touches him he feels like just killing himself. Are you kidding me? Clearly we have a serious douche on our hands this season. Preston is pissed about the incident but says he just wants to cool off for five minutes before talking about it. Ryan refuses to give him time or space though and insists on getting in his face to discuss. Things get heated but fortunately the other cast mates help separate the two before things get out of hand.

The group heads back to the house where things again get heated between Ryan and Preston after Ryan eavesdrops on Preston saying that the bleach must have seeped into Ryan’s head. Ryan tells Preston that the gay must have gone to his head. They go back and forth for a while then Jemmye tries to jump to Preston’s defense and Ryan calls her trailer trash. Now we have a full on three ring circus.

Ryan leaves Preston and Jemmye’s room, but then comes back later to apologize and gives them both hugs. They agree to let it go. Of course, they forgive but you know they aren’t going to forget and this is just the start of more fights to come. Ryan and Preston have a bonding moment on the porch before they go to sleep. They agree to go out for coffee together the next day to get to know each other better. I’m still not completely sold that Ryan isn’t gay and just in complete denial and filled with homophobia to block out his feelings. If that’s the case I am sure we will see it play out this season.

Other things to come this season include crazy Mardi Gras celebrations as well as Ryan and Knight getting caught doing drugs. While I’m not a big fan of the cast this season so far, it does look like things will be interesting every week. Be sure to check back next week to find out what drama is going down in the Real World New Orleans house.