The NFL’s Greatest Moments In History

The NFL has given the world of sport and the world of sports betting some of the greatest and most memorable moments in the history of sport. With players showing passion and dedication alongside supportive and loyal fans shouting from their seats, the league has provided us with moments that will never be forgotten. There are many bettors who have enjoyed big wins off the back of some of the moments that have made the league and its sport iconic across the globe, whether that be in the bookies or online with big sites such as USLeagueBetting. Whilst we cannot predict what the future holds and how the sport is going to evolve, we can look back at the moments that all agree are the NFL’s greatest moments in history. Join us for a look at these moments as you ponder your next bet on the NFL.

Buffalo Bills

Comeback January 1993, the stadium is packed and the Bills look down and out. That is, until the greatest comeback in the history of the league takes the nation by surprise. The Bills’ wild card game against the Oilers looked set and settled until the record setting 32 yard field goal was kicked by Steve Christie in overtime. The Bills went on to win their next two games, and in the process made many a fan and bettor very happy.

Cowboys and Packers Feel the Chill

1967 saw the coldest game of the league contested between the Cowboys and Packers at Lambeau Field. The wind chill measured an impressive -48 as the players battled it out with each other as well as with the frozen field. It was a good day for those who bet on the The Packers as they triumphed over the Cowboys 21-17. It is difficult to imagine what it was like to play in such inhospitable conditions, and it surely was a spectacle to watch.

The Dolphins Score a Perfect Season

The seventies gave the NFL some great games, and many wins for bettors and fans alike. But there was no achievement of the 70s that stands out as more memorable than the Dolphins’ perfect season. It’s the season that made Don Shula a legend and brought the team fame and success – as well as more fans and bettors alike. It is the only perfect season ever recorded in the NFL, and it’s certain that there were very few bettors out there willing to wager a stake on such an unlikely event. It was a season in which The Dolphins led with authority; they were ranked first in the league for both offensive and defensive yards. A true great moment for fans, the league and for those bettors who were brave enough to wager!

A Little Help from the Helmet in New York

The February of 2008 brought one of the most interesting and wild moments of the league when a winning touchdown was scored by the New York Giants after David Tyree caught the ball against his helmet in the dying seconds of the game. It was unconventional – and unlikely to be anyone’s in-game bet – but it Tyree won the game for his team and created a moment that few fans will ever forget.