THE LORD OF THE RINGS Prancing Pony Available For Purchase At The Weta Booth

The Prancing Pony LOTR

We will have a limited number (4) of the SOLD OUT The Lord of the Rings Prancing Pony available for purchase at the SDCC Weta booth.

Perched upon a crossroads in the northwest of Middle-earth, the small town of Bree is a quiet place. In the center of town, the Prancing Pony Inn is a home away from home for weary travelers from distant lands. Looking for Gandalf the Grey, Frodo and his companions seek shelter from the Black Riders who have pursued them through the wilderness, but there is little rest to be found at the Inn this night. Unfriendly stares bear down on the fearful Hobbit party and the wizard fails to appear. Amid the sodden patrons and hooded strangers Frodo and his friends exchange fretful glances, while outside the terrifying Wraiths converge upon the town in search of their quarry.

The Prancing Pony limited edition collectible environment continues the tradition from previous environments that have been popular with collectors the world over, such as Bag End, The Argonath, Khazad-Dûm, Buckleberry Ferry and many others.

The edition size is a low 500. The last remaining pieces will be reserved for sale at the Weta Cave and at Weta booths at conventions.

The Prancing Pony will be shipping world wide from our US, UK and New Zealand warehouses.

Sculpted by Mary Maclachlan, who worked in Weta Workshop’s miniatures department on many of the miniatures seen in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

The Prancing Pony LOTR