The L Word

L Word Season 6 Cast Photo

L Word Season 6 Cast Photo
The L Word Season 6 Cast Photo – Photo: Don Flood/Showtime

The L Word begins its 6th and final season on Sunday night, and the first four episodes made available to critics include everything we’ve come to love about this wonderful gem of a series. The better part of the season is shown in flashback to the few months leading up to the murder of one of our beloved cast members (no, I won’t say who, but if you dig around online, you can find out quite easily). Lucy Lawless shows up in the premiere (and will be back later in the season) as a detective trying to sort out which one of the group was responsible for the crime.

All of our favorites are back, as Tina and Bette continue their relationship, in a much better place, and planning for a future. Helena and Kit go into business together (it’s so nice to see Helena back more consistently already this year than last). Alice and Tasha have their ups and downs, and when we leave them at the end of the four episodes I saw, they’re in an interesting place. Cybill Shepherd is still around as Phyllis, Bette’s boss, and Marlee Matlin is around, trying to cause as much trouble for Bette as she can. Also causing trouble? Elizabeth Berkley (yep, Jesse Spano!), who shows up as the “one who got away” from Bette 15 years ago. Max, who had been woefully underused in past seasons, is at the forefront this year, dealing with a doozy of a problem! And then there is Shane and Jenny. Seeing how they recover from Shane’s little slip up with Nikki is really interesting. Throw in a murder mystery, and this show is at its best yet.

Continuing the trend of brilliant Showtime series with a message and storylines that tug at your heart, I can honestly say that I don’t ever want it to end!


The L Word 6th And Final Season Premiere Kicks Off On Showtime Sunday January 18th At 9PM EST