The Forgotten

If you like Cold Case with a little bit of Without a Trace thrown in, look no further than ABC tonight at 10 for a glimpse at the love child of those two shows.  the forgotten (improper capitalization intended) stars Christian Slater and a bunch of other people I vaguely recognize (including Ronnie from Saving Grace and Bob from Jericho) as a ragtag group of people trying to solve unsolved murders.  They work indirectly alongside the police (Slater’s Donovan has friends there, and he used to be a cop, from what I understand) to give a name to the John and Jane Does whose murders haven’t been solved.

The first episode includes the investigation into the death of a young woman found on the highway.  As far as procedurals go, it’s not terrible.  I do have an issue with the fact that we get basically no background on the characters, other than Donovan has a past, and one of them is an artist who has problems with the law.  It’s something I’ll continue to watch to see if they make any strides towards character development, but it’s not something I’ll race home on Tuesdays to catch up on!  

Series Premiere: Tuesday, September 22nd on ABC 10:00/9:00c