The Documentary CODY Set To Premiere In New York On May 1

The documentary “CODY,” the inspiring story of University of Redlands senior Cody Unser will premiere in New York on May 1. Narrated by Glenn Close, the film tells the story of Unser who was struck with Transverse Myelitis at age 12 and left paralyzed.  Unser, the daughter of legendary race car driver Al Unser Jr., will graduate from the University of Redlands in Southern California on May 23 with a degree in biopolitics, the first-ever of its kind, that was developed through the school’s innovative Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, where students work with faculty members to design their own degrees. When Unser was 12, her breath went short and her legs numb during a school basketball game. It hit fast, and left Unser, of Albuquerque, paralyzed from the chest down. However, she refused to let that diagnosis define her. At the age of 13, Unser founded the Cody Unser First Step Foundation to ensure that money would be raised to find a cure. For the last five years, Unser has lobbied state legislatures and Congress to push for stem-cell research, which offers the key to her own recovery. During the film, Unser shares her determination to walk again. The documentary, filmed in part at the University of Redlands, takes the viewer on an intimate journey with Unser detailing her daily emotional and physical struggles. The documentary maps the intersection of science and politics. The documentary is produced by the Emmy-award winning Christopher Productions and The Cody Unser First Step Foundation ( Visit to see the trailer.