THE CROSSING Season 1: To Save The Children – Episode 4 “The Face Of Oblivion”

THE CROSSING - ABC’s "The Crossing" stars Sandrine Holt as Emma, Steve Zahn as Jude and Natalie Martinez as Reece. (ABC/Bob D'Amico)THE CROSSING - ABC’s "The Crossing" stars Sandrine Holt as Emma, Steve Zahn as Jude and Natalie Martinez as Reece. (ABC/Bob D'Amico)

Only three episodes have aired for the new ABC drama series THE CROSSING, yet it sets up powerful time-travel mystery of 47 survivors who mysteriously arrive off a remote beach in Oregon, claiming to be refugees traveling from 180 years in the future where they were hunted by an evolved species know as the Apex — genetically-engineered super humans.

As seen last week, one of the young refugees Leah (Bailey Skodje) was revealed to have Mantle’s disease, the virus manufactured to eradicate all human life other than the Apex and the clock is ticking to see if Leah can be reunited with her adopted-mother Reece (Natalie Martinez), whose blood must hold the cure that Leah needs to survive. Desperate to locate Leah in time, Reece kidnapped Sheriff Jude Ellis’ (Steve Zahn) son Oliver (Christian Michael Cooper) in order to coerce Jude’s assistance in locating Leah. Unknown to Reece, Leah’s terminal condition has already been discovered and Leah has been quarantined at the camp housing the refugees and that DHS Agent Emma Ran (Sandrine Holt) had quickly called in a virologist specialist Dr. Sophie Forbin (Georgina Haig) to treat Leah. This week’s episode picks up with Reece and Jude squaring off and shows just how far will a mother seeking to save her dying daughter and a father hell-bent on rescuing his abducted son go to protect their children. Having previewed this episode, it is safe to say, each will do whatever it takes to be reunited.

Beyond Reece and Jude’s race to save their kids is Hannah’s (Kelley Missal) quest to find a way to protect herself from Luke (Leif Gantvoort), who poses an immediate threat of exposure of her past collaboration with the Apex. Also in the mix is Caleb (Marcuis Harris), who has begun assessing just what the DHS camp is really intended for and what role they each have to play in order to survive.

For the refugees, life in 2018 is not as welcoming and hospitable as they had hoped when they initially made that leap into the abyss and awoke in the ocean. Where they had thought they were returning to a time that would be safe for them — thanks to the first wave of Sleepers that came before them — they were not received with the open arms offering sanctuary that they had hoped to find. Instead, they have been cordoned from the rest of the world and are now being watched suspiciously as if they were the threat.

To see if Jude and Reece can successfully find a way to work together or if that is now impossible after Reece kidnapped Oliver, and also what Hannah does to stay safe, and what discovery Caleb makes, be sure to tune in for the premiere of episode 4 “The Face Of Oblivion” on Monday, April 23rd at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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