The Closer

The Closer Season 5 Photo

What can I say about the season premiere about the The Closer that hasn’t already been said about this incredibly solid show?  Is Kyra Sedgwick phenomenal as Brenda Leigh Johnson (now Fritz?)?  She absolutely is.  Is the writing, acting, directing, etc, of this show top notch?  It absolutely is.  My only complaint is that there’s never enough Pope and Brenda scenes!

The season premiere is a gut-wrencher as the teams finds the bodies of a family killed in their home.  Watching each member of the team deal with it in their own way, while Provenza deals with the crumbling of a relationship outside of work in his typical crotchety old fashion, it’s really something fantastic.  Even the scenes with Brenda and Fritz at home, dealing with Kitty’s (the cat’s) illness, small strokes of genius, and their chemistry is so sweet!

I know it sounds like I’m just blowing smoke up the show’s figurative skirt, but I find myself looking forward to this show more than others these days, and rightly so.  They know how to keep a crime procedural fresh and interesting, and are not predictable, as most times, I’m not sure of the killer until they are!  Make sure you tune in Monday night!

The Closer Series Premiere – Monday, June 8th at 9:00PM EST