THE CLOSER Season 6 DVD Contest


Seat42f and TNT have teamed up to give FIVE lucky winners a copy of THE CLOSER SEASON 6 on DVD. For your chance to win a copy of THE CLOSER SEASON 6 on DVD leave a comment below telling us your favorite character on The Closer. Contest ends June 29th. Winners will be notified on June 30th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

DVD Release Date: June 21st, 2011

THE CLOSER Season 7 Kicks Off July 11th at 9/8c On TNT

Moving up? The LAPD is looking for a new chief and Will Pope thinks he has the inside track. He soon has an unexpected rival for the job: Brenda (Best Actress Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Kyra Sedgwick). And Brenda has an unexpected ally helping groom her for the selection process: Capt. Raydor. The contest for chief is only one of the ingenious, suspenseful, often funny storylines that makes Season Six of The Closer stellar entertainment. Join the squad as Sanchez looks after an orphaned boy, Tao goes undercover as a biker dude, Provenza and Flynn date airline attendants (turns out one of them has a corpse in her bathtub) and Brenda finds her family Christmas rudely interrupted by crime.