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Starting tonight on A&E, Benjamin Bratt is back for a season two of The Cleaner, as William Banks, former junkie who now feels responsible to get addicted individuals off the drugs and vices, and into a clean life.  He has conversations with God, he is at odds with his wife (when the season begins, he’s living at the shop), and he keeps us up to speed on what’s going on in his mind with introspective and dark voiceovers that take over the beginning of every episode.

What’s more, he has seemingly fired (without explanation or warning) Darnell, my favorite character from Season 1, or at least it would seem that way, now that Kevin Michael Richardson is out of the cast.  So far, two episodes in, it seems like the main parts of the story are going to focus on the families of the addicted, versus the team (Grace Park and Esteban Powell are wasted in these roles).  The show is just depressing.  Regardless of the fact that Bratt is doing some stellar scenery chewing, and they have gotten some of my favorite guest stars (Jayne Brook, Gary Cole, Whoopi Goldberg in episode 1, alone), it just leaves you feeling sad.

The Cleaner isn’t terrible, I don’t mean to imply anything along those lines.  It’s a solid procedural.  Just don’t watch it if you’re looking for a pick me up!