The Best Netflix Original Films

Streaming services are a major part of modern-day society. The idea of not being able to have a massive catalog of movies at your disposal is a strange thought in today’s world. People have become so accustomed to just being able to click a few buttons before having hours of entertainment at their fingertips – not to mention this is a world that continues to grow bigger and bigger. There are now several different streaming platforms for you to choose from, which might even mean you are paying subscription fees to various platforms simultaneously. 

Of course, the first and most popular streaming platform is Netflix. If it weren’t for Netflix, then there is a good chance that you wouldn’t even see the likes of Amazon Prime or Disney+ come to fruition. However, they are all here now, and they are better than ever. One of the biggest advantages that Netflix had over its competitors was its ability to make amazing, unique content. Although other streaming services have caught up with this, Netflix has produced some outstanding original films. If you are curious about what titles stand out above the rest, here are some of the best Netflix original films. 

Uncut Gems

When Netflix signed Adam Sandler on a multi-film deal, there wasn’t too much attention given to it. It was presumed that Sandler would stick to comedy movies – a classic genre in which he had originally made a name for himself. However, Netflix had other plans for the American actor. 

No one really knew that Adam Sandler had such talent when it came to more serious and dramatic roles. This was a real shock for audience members when Netflix released Uncut Gems. The film features a stellar performance from Sandler. Seeing him in this role made the film a massive success, as he could add intensity and tension to an already gripping plotline. 

Interestingly, a huge part of the movie’s success was the suspense built by gambling scenarios. You might even be in the mood to check out the best online casino in the US after tuning in to Uncut Gems to replicate the story’s entertainment and excitement factor.

tick, tick…BOOM! 

There are plenty of movies where audiences will tune in for just the actor. Netflix’s tick, tick…BOOM! is definitely part of this category. Andrew Garfield was adored by people from all around the world. There was no doubting his talent either, as he had always been nominated for many different awards. However, he was able to show his creative range in this Netflix original by also showcasing his singing talent. 

His House 

It can often be hard for Horror fans to find a film they love. However, this was something that Netflix was able to give their subscribers. His House is a British film featuring Matt Smith. A new family’s relief to move into a new home is quickly turned around by some sinister ongoings. The film is unique to the genre and is a must-watch for true horror fans.