The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Cast

ABC continues their mission to find a love match that works as well as the Trista and Ryan pairing.  Well, they’re actually just looking for a love match that works, period.  Starting tonight, they give it another go, with the 3rd place finisher from the last season of The Bachelor, Jillian Harris.  From deep in the heart of Canada, she heads to LA with the hope that she’ll find the love of her life.

Immediately out of the gate, the men are ridiculous.  I feel like they get worse and worse each season, and this year is insane.  Some singers, some break dancers, a guy who likes feet (too much) – there’s something for everyone, and Jillian thinks maybe she’ll find her true love (after thinking she found her true love with Jason Mesnick last year). 

The opener is no different from any other opener we’ve seen before (except a twist around the 30 minutes-too-long mark), and Jillian is awkward and ill-at-ease with every guy she meets.  I wish her luck – maybe she can prove me wrong, but I’ll remain cynical.  The guys are trying too hard, and that never turns out good!