The Bachelorette Season Six Week 9 RECAP

The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

Photo : ABC

Ali, Roberto, Chris, and Frank head to the beautiful island of Tahiti this week for their most romantic dates yet. But, things turn ugly when Frank reveals a secret to Ali that leaves them both in tears and him on the next flight back to Chicago.


Ali, Roberto, Chris, and Frank head to the beautiful island of Tahiti this week for their most romantic dates yet. But, things turn ugly when Frank reveals a secret to Ali that leaves them both in tears and him on the next flight back to Chicago.

While in town for the hometown visit that we watched last week, Frank meets with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. He confesses that he’s been fighting back feelings for Nicole the entire time he’s been on the show. He says that he has strong feelings for Ali but that these feelings for Nicole just keep eating at him. He meets with Nicole and the old feelings between them rush back. He tells her how he’s been feeling and she tells him to come back home and be with her. He seems to agree, shaking his head yes. They cuddle together on the couch and then kiss. Can you believe after all this Frank is leaving? He’s the one that has been the most obsessed with Ali. He tells Nicole that he has to go to Tahiti to end things with Ali.

Off to Tahiti we go and WOW what a gorgeous island! After seeing it on the show I’m ready to book the next flight there. Ali and the guys are staying in cabanas that sit over the water. This is on my bucket list of things to do in my lifetime!

The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

Photo : ABC

Ali’s first date is with Roberto. The two take (yet another) helicopter tour and then land at an uninhabited island which has a heart-shaped reef, at least according to Roberto but I don’t see it, where they enjoy a peaceful picnic and play around in the water. He doesn’t tell Ali, but he tells us that he can definitely see proposing to Ali right around the corner and he’s ready for that. Later, they have a romantic candlelit dinner. For the first time Roberto really opens his heart up to Ali telling her that he’s falling in love with her. He says it very soft and sweet, though I almost question his sincerity because he seems to come across as being uncomfortable saying it. I’m brushing it aside as him not being an emotional person and having to be so open on camera, which I don’t think I could ever do myself.

Before the night is over Ali and Roberto get the key to the infamous “fantasy suite” for them to stay in together if they choose. Roberto jokes that it’d be a shame to let the suite just go to waste. It sure would be. They head back to the fantasy suite, which they have to walk through the water to get to. They undress each other and that’s as far as the cameras show us, but I think you can figure out for yourself what probably went down after the cameras went off.

The next day is Ali’s date with Chris and they are exploring Tahiti by boat, the largest catamaran in Tahiti in fact. They spend much of their time relaxing on the back of the catamaran chatting, laughing, and kissing. She tells him that she loves how he giggles. They jump out of the catamaran and find some clams on the seashore which they open up and find pearls. Sweet! Ali says she’s loving this date, this is the type of love she’s looking for, one where they can be passionate for each other but also just laugh and have fun.

Chris and Ali go to dinner on another island of Tahiti, a secluded one. Things are a bit more laid back with a simple dinner on the beach with a fire. He tells Ali about his worries of going into this, the typical worries about dating and finding someone you like that also likes you back. He tells her how much he loves her and they kiss. Ali loves how funny and romantic he is. The night ends with the fantasy suite where they sit and talk about where they might live if they end up together since she’s west coast and he’s east coast. He says as long as they visit Cape Cod like four times a year he’d be happy with that.

Frank arrives the following day and goes to talk to Chris Harrison before he breaks the bad news to Ali. He tells Chris that he visited his ex-girlfriend and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Umm… wasn’t he just saying how he wanted to spend his life with Ali and was going to propose to her in a matter of weeks? Chris comments on his 180 degree change and all Frank can do is say that he’s been fighting back these feelings and the more he fell in love with Ali the more he realized he wasn’t over Nicole. Chris tells him that Ali is going to be hurt because she has definitely been falling in love with him. Frank isn’t sure how to tell Ali, Chris tells him to just be straight up with her. Frank tears up and says he hopes she can find a way to understand.

Before the date the producers cruelly get Ali excited about her date with Frank. She says that she’s falling head over heels for Frank. Oh, Ali, if you only knew what was about to happen.

Ali arrives at Frank’s cabana and they hug. He tells her that they need to talk and she already senses that something is wrong. They sit down and Ali is already at the point of tears. He tells her that he went to see Nicole while in Chicago and that all of the old feelings rushed back. Ali asks why he didn’t say anything sooner if he has been fighting back the feelings the whole time. He tells her that he didn’t know if the feelings for Nicole meant anything, he thought he would see her and just have closure but that’s not what happened. Ali tells him that she thinks it was really selfish of him, especially considering she gave up everything to be there. Frank says he gave up everything too, Ali tells him “apparently not everything.” They both sit there for a while just crying, they are both genuinely upset. She leaves but before she goes they share one last hug.

Ali sits by herself on the beach for a while thinking about things. Chris Harrison comes to talk to her. She tells him that she thinks Frank was selfish and cowardly. She was for sure that he was going to meet her parents. This makes me wonder if Ali was sure Frank would meet her parents next week then was she planning to send Roberto or Chris home?

Ali decides to go ahead with the rose ceremony despite not having anyone to send home. The next morning, she tells Chris Harrison that she’s still sad but she realizes that Frank was not the right person for her anyway. She’s a little freaked out that she could have been so wrong this far in the process though. But, she says she still has “high hopes” her future husband is there. Hmm… yeah we have “high hopes” too, Ali.

Roberto and Chris arrive to the rose ceremony separately by boat and quickly realize that Frank is not there. Ali tells the guys that Frank didn’t take care of things back home before he came so he’s gone now. She explains she didn’t have a date with him this week but is confident that he was not the guy for her. She gives them both roses, Chris first and then Roberto. Of course, they both accept the roses. So, now the question: will she choose Chris or Roberto? I’ve been leaning toward Roberto for weeks now but over the past two weeks she and Chris have really gotten serious.

Next week is the Men Tell All and will include Ali taking questions from Chris Harrison and some of the guys that were booted earlier in the season. All of the guys will be back, except Justin. ABC hints that he will be there, but I’ve spoken with Justin directly and he has confirmed that he will not be on the special. The two girls claiming to be his girlfriends will make an appearance on the show though which should make for some fun drama.