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The Bachelorette Season Six Week 6 RECAP

The Bachelorette Season Six Week 6 RECAP


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Ali and the guys continue their trek around the world to Istanbul, Turkey this week. Ali is feeling better than ever and ready to find her true love.


Ali and the guys continue their trek around the world to Istanbul, Turkey this week. Ali is feeling better than ever and ready to find her true love.

Finding her true love this week is made slightly easier when Chris Harrison stops by for an impromptu visit. You know when Chris Harrison just pops by, it’s typically not a good thing. No offense, Chris. Chris sits Ali down and tells her that Jessie from season’s past of The Bachelor has some news that she should be aware of. So, Chris calls Jessie and puts her on the phone with Ali where she reveals to Ali that Justin has a girlfriend. What a douche! And, it gets better … she’s sitting right next to his girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica gets on the phone and tells Ali the whole story. Justin and her had been dating for two years prior to him coming on The Bachelorette. He only came on the show because he wanted the fame to help excel his wrestling career. He told Jessica that he wanted to make it to at least the top 3 because that’s when people really know who you are. The whole time he’s been on the show he’s been sneaking off to make calls to Jessica, in fact he called her the night before and told her that he loved her. Jessica also tells Ali that she found out Justin has had another girlfriend for the past two months. Can you believe this guy? I feel like an idiot for buying his lies, and I’m just watching from home, I can only imagine how stupid Ali must feel.

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Ali is pissed and decides to confront Justin, so she and Chris walk down to the guys’ hotel suite and gather them on the couches. Ali tells Justin it must be really tough for him missing his girlfriend back in Canada all this time. Justin is clearly stunned that the cat is out of the bag. He sits there for a moment but then goes to his room, gathers his stuff, and is out the door. Ali yells at him to be a man and answer her questions but he’s gone. She chases after him and confronts him again outside the hotel but he refuses to speak to her (unless it’s off-camera… now he’s shy of the camera apparently) and hobbles away.

Justin finally comes back later and talks to Ali. He tells her that he does have strong feelings for Jessica but that she’s been more like a friend to him. Ali tells him that he wasted her time, she gave him roses all along that could have went to guys that were there for the right reasons. He tries to give her back the last rose, she tells him it’s far too late for that. She asks him straight out whether Jessica is a liar and he tries to talk in circles but Ali keeps pushing him to either say Jessica is a liar or admit she was telling the truth and he doesn’t do either, instead he gets up and walks away again. She tells him that he could’ve at least been a man and owned up to it and left with some integrity. Props to Ali for having the courage to stand up to the moron, that’s exactly what he needed someone to do. As Justin is walking away the cameras keep following him and then we start to hear all the voicemails that he left for Jessica while he’s been on the show. There are multiple voicemails and on each he is telling her that he loves her, she is the one for him and he wants her to be his wife, and he’s starting to regret coming on the show. Wow! This is what you get for using the show to be a platform to get famous. That should be a warning to any future scammers.

With Justin out of the picture, we’re down to six guys. Ty is the lucky one to score the first one-on-one in Istanbul. He and Ali go out the same day as the Justin debacle, so things are still a little tense, but they make the best of it. They begin the date just exploring Istanbul taking in the sights, there’s so much history to be seen it’s incredible. Has anyone else been to Turkey? It looks gorgeous on the show! The date then leads to a centuries old bathhouse, which is traditionally only used by men, but Ali is getting the rare opportunity to use the bathhouse with Ty today. They sit and enjoy the hot waters and give each other massages. They seem to be having a very good connection, but Ty keeps saying thank you and almost being too nice. There’s nothing wrong with a nice guy, but no need to continually thank your date. As daylight turns to nighttime, the date moves to a romantic dinner on the riverfront. Ali says that besides Ty being tall and very good looking, she always feels good around him. But, she does want to get to know more about him so she asks about his previous marriage. He tells her that the marriage was difficult because he had a traditional marriage in mind, where the woman stays home and he works, and that’s not how it was at all. He grew up very closed minded and not exposed to more modern relationships, but he says he has learned from that and has changed. This clearly sets off some alarms with Ali who has always been career-driven. She tells him that she is about as far from traditional as you can get, it’s the last word she’d use to describe herself. But, she says that she likes how open and honest Ty is, how he’s showing her all sides of him, and she almost feels like she knows him better than any of the other guys there. She’s still not in love with Ty and questions some things but she likes him, so she gives him a rose.

Next is a group date with Chris, Kirk, Roberto, and Craig. Yes, Craig is stuck on yet another group date and it looks like Frank will be the first to get a second one-on-one date with Ali. This isn’t your typical group date, rather than getting to spend time with Ali, the guys will be spending some very close time with each other. They will first be “olive oil wrestling” with four Turkish wrestlers, and then with each other. Ali gets the guys all olive-oiled up and ready for their matches. They all end up losing to the professional Turkish wrestlers. Who knew Olive Oil Wrestling was a professional sport?! It’s time for the guys to wrestle each other and first up is Chris vs Craig. While Craig is bigger, I’d expect Chris to take him as he seems a bit more muscular. But, Craig surprises me and easily takes Chris. After a couple more matches, Craig continues to prevail and it comes down to Craig vs Roberto. Roberto puts up a very tough fight, he seems to almost win the match many times, but ultimately they rule Craig the winner. I still doubt that Craig actually won; I think this was rigged by ABC, but whatever. By winning the wrestling match, Craig wins one-on-one time for the rest of the night with Ali. This is his first one-on-one time with Ali.

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The other guys head back to the hotel suite and whine about their losses while Craig and Ali take a boat tour of Istanbul. Craig embraces Ali the entire time, he clearly doesn’t want to let go of her during his brief time to shine. He comes off a bit desperate to me. I think he likes the idea of falling in love with Ali but whether he actually feels it is a different story. Their time continues with dessert at a beautiful tower overlooking the water. Craig tells Ali that he’s never met anyone like her. Does he really even know her that well though? I mean, sure he’s done many group dates with her, but this is their first date basically. After dessert inside, they go outside to watch an impressive firework show. Many oohs and awws later, their time comes to a close. Craig certainly made an impression on Ali, he kept her laughing which is a good thing, but I don’t think there was a spark there. I’ve never thought there was a spark there, I think he’s just sort of floated along in the background as a filler the whole time. He’s a good guy though, and that’s exactly what Ali thinks too.

The last date of the episode is the one-on-one with Frank. Ali doesn’t seem to be feeling very optimistic about Frank before the date, which is odd since she was so in love with him before. She says that this date with Frank is a ‘make or break’. They start the date off at a Bazaar which is basically just a market for anything and everything. They have a lot of fun shopping, trying on silly hats and outfits and listening to the many con artists. They end up walking away buying lots and lots of souvenirs, including a huge rug that Frank said he’d absolutely not buy. Looks like he did though. Ali admits after the Bazaar that the date is going really well. After the Bazaar they visit the Basilica Cistern which lies beneath Istanbul and was created in the 6th century. The history and beauty of the Cistern is just stunning in every direction. They have dinner on a platform in the middle of the ice cold waters of the Cistern. They actually have to walk through the waters to get to the platform and then are surrounded by the water. How neat would that be! Ali tells Frank that her relationship with him scares her because she sees him as being able to break her heart. He tells her that he only wants to get down on his knee to propose one time in his life and only ever be married once. It’s a very sweet and seemingly genuine conversation that they have. Frank is still too intense for me, I think he’s the type to quickly fall in love and fall right back out of love. I think Ali is right, he easily could and probably will break her heart. But, as to be expected, Ali gives him a kiss and a rose at the end of the date.

Usually we would go to the cocktail party next but Ali throws a wrench in the works when she tells Chris Harrison that she’s not going to attend the party tonight and go straight to the rose ceremony. She says there’s no use in prolonging the inevitable or giving the guy false hope when she already knows who she is sending home.

So, off to the rose ceremony we go. Ali thanks the guys for being there, as she always does, and then gets to handing out the red roses. Ty and Frank are already safe having received roses earlier in the episode. The first to receive a rose at the ceremony is Roberto, then Chris, and last but not least… Kirk.

Craig is finally going home! No offense to Craig, but it’s been obvious since day one that he and Ali didn’t have a spark. She tells him that the romance just wasn’t there, there wasn’t a connection between them.

Next week, the adventure around the world comes to a close in Lisbon, Portugal. It looks like all the guys will be getting one-on-one dates from here until the end which will be interesting. We will finally get to see who has a serious spark with Ali and who fizzles. In future weeks we get to meet the families and then off to Tahiti where it looks like things between Ali and Frank fizzle to a spectacular ending. Who knows what happens but they’re both in tears and she wonders if she’s been wasting her time with him. Hmm… does Frank have a girlfriend back home too or what’s going to be the deal breaker with him?

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