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The Bachelorette Season Six Week 4 RECAP


The Bachelorette Season Six Week 4 RECAP

Ali Bachelorette


This week on The Bachelorette, Ali and the guys begin their round-the-world adventure with the first stop being NYC. Things turn sour when Ali gets sick, but that’s nothing compared to some of the other strange things that go down.


This week on The Bachelorette, Ali and the guys begin their round-the-world adventure with the first stop being NYC. Things turn sour when Ali gets sick, but that’s nothing compared to some of the other strange things that go down.

We haven’t gotten to see too much of Kasey up to this point, but that all changes this week, and it’s not such a good thing. Kasey scores the first individual date with Ali, so with the crew now in NYC, he and Ali take to the skies for a scenic helicopter ride. If I had a dime for every helicopter ride on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, I’d be Bill Gates rich at this point. The date includes stops at the USS Intrepid and American Museum of Natural History. The entire time Kasey is trying to win over Ali with over-the-top one liners, such as telling her that he chooses to be there for her, he chooses her and he hopes she will choose him someday. And, of course, he slips his favorite one liner in there every once in a while which is that he’s there to guard and protect her heart. Not that these lines aren’t sweet, but can the guy honestly be this in love given this is his first date with Ali? Ali is questioning his sincerity as well and tells him exactly that when it comes time to either give him a rose or send him packing. She ends up doing neither, so we’ll have to wait till the rose ceremony to see whether Kasey makes the cut or not.

Ali Bachelorette


Next up is the typical group date, but they try to mix things up a little bit by having the guys audition for a one-on-one role with Ali to perform in that night’s The Lion King Broadway show. The guys have to dance around in short tights and then sing. Jesse, by far, seems to have the best voice, but ultimately it’s Roberto who takes the cake by being the only one to sing directly to Ali. Shouldn’t that be a no-brainer? Roberto wins the one-on-one spot with Ali on stage and gets to fly around half-naked holding Ali in one of the scenes of The Lion King. The guys have to watch it happen on a TV which only makes them more jealous; Frank says it’s like stabbing him and then twisting the knife. Oh Frank, simmah-down!

After The Lion King performance, the group date continues and Frank gets some alone time as he and Ali take a walk. She is sick and it’s windy and raining, so things aren’t ideal, but she tells him that she wants to reassure him that she still has the same feelings for him as she did when they had their romantic first date a few weeks ago. She still wants him to be crazy for her, and clearly he is every bit of crazy in more ways than one, no worries there. They kiss and the sparks are flying again.

Ali gets back to the house and Craig is next to pull her aside. He still seems to think he has a shot and being around until the end, but to be honest he has not a chance in hell. He’s simply a filler and will be weeded out soon, I am sure of it. As Craig and Ali are talking, Jon tries to make a move and steal Ali away but funny enough she denies him. Ouch! A few minutes later Kirk talks to Ali and tells her that it’s obvious she’s not feeling well, which it very much is obvious, so he tells her that she should take care of herself and end the night early. He offers to walk her back to her room. What a smooth move! Ali takes Kirk’s advice and wraps up the night early. She tells the guys that because she’s sick and can’t focus that she won’t be giving out a rose tonight. Kirk walks her back to her hotel suite, which sends the other guys into a jealous rage, and certainly scores Kirk some major points. He tucks her in bed and gives her a goodnight kiss, then like a nice gentleman leaves her alone to get some sleep.

The next day is Chris L.’s birthday and he’s supposed to get a one-on-one date with Ali, but she wakes up feeling the worst she’s ever felt, she says. She sends a letter to Chris telling him that she had a wonderful birthday lined up for him but that she’s sick and won’t be able to go out, however she’d still like to see him and would like for him to come to her hotel suite. So, he does and brings along flowers and soup. He and Ali then cuddle together for the afternoon and enjoy each other’s company. He shares with her why he moved from NYC to be with his dying mother. It’s an emotional subject, but things seem to flow naturally between the two. By the end of the afternoon Ali is feeling better and decides that they should continue the date with what she had planned before. So, they go to a private club where they get to enjoy a lavish seafood dinner. As they enjoy some oysters and lobster, Ali again asks Chris to tell her more about his mom and how he got to spend the last months with her. He tells her that every night they’d have very in-depth conversations and she gave him a lot of great advice before she died. She also told him that she would be there with every rainbow, and strangely enough at her funeral there was a brilliant rainbow. ABC producers Ali senses how close-knit Chris’s family is and surprises Chris with a cell phone so he can talk to his dad on his birthday. It’s a touching moment for Chris, and Ali also gets to talk to his dad for a moment, which makes for a sort of ‘meet the parents’ moment. The date ends with Ali’s favorite musician, Joshua Radin, performing, and Chris getting a rose.

Back at the guys’ temporary NYC digs, Kasey has gone missing and the guys are losing their minds guessing what he might be doing. If they only knew! Kasey is out being his crazy self. To prove his sincerity, Kasey has gotten it in his head that he should get a permanent tattoo to show his love for Ali. Hello?! Never get a tattoo for a significant other, especially when you’re on a reality dating show! He goes through with it though and inks a shield protecting a heart on his wrist. I guarantee as I write this he is seriously regretting that decision. After the tattoo, he returns back to the house with the tattoo wrapped in a bandage. The guys are curious as to what happened, Kasey lies and says he burned himself and spent the day at the hospital. Most of the guys buy his story, except Justin, who knows he’s making up the whole thing.

It’s that time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Jon finally gets some alone time with Ali and lamely decides it’d be a good idea to play guitar and serenade her. The guitar serenades and helicopter tours need to end. They have lost all special meaning at this point.

Meanwhile, Justin confronts Kasey again about his story of being burned. He tells Kasey that he doesn’t buy the story and demands Kasey take off the bandage to show the burn. Kasey refuses to remove the bandage and makes it pretty obvious he’s lying. This leads to a several minute, awkward stare down between Kasey and Justin. Finally Kasey calls for a truce with the guys and unveils the tattoo. Believe me when I say it’s as horrible as you can imagine. It is beyond cheesy. And, he’s stuck with this thing for the rest of his life.

Moments later Kasey gets alone time with Ali to show her the tattoo. He eases her into it by giving her a bag of his favorite candy and tries to show he’s genuine, but the attempt falls pretty flat again. So, now is the time to show off the tattoo, right? Wrong. Frank pulls Ali away just as Kasey is about to show her. So, the tattoo unveiling is to be continued…

It’s now time for the dramatic rose ceremony. This week I’m still hoping to see Jonathan go home and also wouldn’t mind seeing Craig go home either. So, who stays and who goes? Ali hands out roses to: Kirk, Frank, Craig (boo!), Chris N. (he’s still here?), Roberto, Justin, Ty, and the last rose goes to… Kasey.

Surprisingly, Jesse gets sent packing but he nor Ali are very heartbroken. As they hug she tells him that she just didn’t feel like they matched up. Jesse admits Ali is more of a city girl whereas he’s a country boy, so they probably wouldn’t be a good match. Also going home is Jonathan, FINALLY! He works up some tears and tries to act like he’s heartbroken. I’m still not buying it. Are you?

Next week, the round-the-trip adventure continues with the next destination being Iceland. Kirk and Ali look to get closer, but will things get ugly when Kirk reveals something about his past? And, Frank goes into jealousy meltdown mode. It looks to be a goodie!

Leave some comments with who you like and hate, and be sure to come back next week for round 5 of The Bachelorette.

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