The Bachelorette Season Six Week 2 RECAP

ali bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky : The Bachelorette : Photo : (ABC/CHRIS CHAVIRA)

This week we were treated with another two hour episode of The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison kicked off the show by telling the guys the types of dates they would be going on. There will be two individual dates and one group date, but not everyone will get a date with Ali this week. So, who will win the coveted individual dates?


This week we were treated with another two hour episode of The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison kicked off the show by telling the guys the types of dates they would be going on. There will be two individual dates and one group date, but not everyone will get a date with Ali this week. So, who will win the coveted individual dates?

The first date goes to… Frank! Yes, Frank once again gets first bat at winning Ali over. He was the first guy we were introduced to, he got the first one-on-one with Ali last week, and now this week he gets the first individual date with her. What’s going on here? Anyway, Frank is looking better this week. He has lost the creepy glasses and has a fresh SoCal tan.

ali bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky : The Bachelorette : Photo : (ABC/CHRIS CHAVIRA)

Ali picks Frank up in a beautiful vintage convertible and they hit the road. They are cruising along, wind blowing through their hair, things couldn’t be going any smoother… until the car dies alongside the interstate. They don’t let this little thing get in the way of a good date though; they catch a cab and are off to the Walk of Fame. Of course, the tourists immediately realize with all of the cameras that it’s the Bachelorette being filmed and before long Frank and Ali are being mobbed by paparazzi and fans. They have fun with it though snapping silly pictures and signing autographs. After this Ali surprises Frank with something that is on my personal bucket list, they get to stand right in front of the Hollywood sign! They end up sitting and talking for a while in front of the sign. He tells her about his trip to France and how he has learned that a career comes and goes but family is always there and that’s what is important. Ali says she needs someone like Frank there to remind her of that from time-to-time. After the conversation they kiss for the first time and under the Hollywood sign no less. It seems fitting considering their Hollywood fairytale of a date.

Their date continues late into the night as the two snuggle on the hood of the car to enjoy the beautiful view of Los Angeles. By the end of the date Ali gives Frank a rose and says she’s crazy about him. She says that she’s over playing games in relationships and is putting her feelings out there this time around. They kiss again.

Back at the house, the guys are still giving Justin crap for being an entertainment wrestler and for not being upfront about it with some of them when they first met. Apparently he left out the wrestler part when the guys asked what he did for a living. It’s obvious why he would do that considering all they have done is criticize him for being a wrestler since he told them. What do you think about him being a wrestler? Do you think he’s genuine or is he there to promote himself?

The next date is… a group date! Typically the group dates are pretty boring, in my opinion. No one really gets time with the bachelor/bachelorette and it’s just filler. But, this date the guys and Ali head to a beach house in Malibu to do a photo shoot for a calendar (with proceeds going to charity) and will be half-naked, making it more fun for Ali and, well, everyone.  Most of the guys had no problem jumping into a pair of speedos for the shoot, no matter whether they had a big package or not so much, except Jonathan aka Weatherman. He went into full on meltdown mode when he had to wear a pair of black speedos. After a dramatic changing scene he finally made his grand entrance wearing the black speedo with a pool innertube around him so that you couldn’t see anything. What a douche!

The guys had fun with the shoot being silly and trying their best to look sexy. Craig M, as usual, should probably get the calendar’s “Biggest Douche” award though. He posed for the calendar smoking a cigar and popping his butt out in all the pictures. Who does this guy think he is? You’re nothing more than an ugly version of Dean McDermott! Ty managed to score a moment of alone time with Ali where he once again serenaded her and played guitar. It was cute the first episode, alright this episode, but if he pulls out that guitar again someone needs to hit him over the head with it.

The group goes to dinner at trendy Hollywood hotspot H.Wood, which they have entirely to themselves. Jealous! Ty once again scores some alone time with Ali, but thankfully there is no guitar involved. Instead he hits Ali with the news that he was married before. He admits that he wasn’t perfect in the relationship and learned a lot from it. She takes the news well and tells him that she’s happy he told her now rather than waiting till later.

Just as Ty and Ali are getting into a good conversation, Weatherman strolls in to ruin it. The stupid thing is that Weatherman isn’t even there to have a meaningful conversation with Ali, he just whines to her about Craig M. Sure, we all hate Craig M and someone had to be the one to tell Ali that he was a moron, but Weatherman is the one that comes off looking like the moron. He rightfully told Ali that Craig was “dangerous,” which seemed to shock Ali. After Weatherman’s talk with Ali, Craig M started being an ass to Weatherman asking what they discussed and if he felt a connection with Ali. I think Craig may be hinting at something that I think becomes very obvious about Weatherman by the end of the episode, but more on that later.

Justin also gets some one-on-one time with Ali at dinner. He admits that things at the house have been challenging, but she reassures him that she thinks he is genuine. Surprisingly, Ali snuggles up to him and they sit there embracing each other. The group date ends with Ali giving one guy a rose for being there for her, and it’s Ty!

Back at the house, the guys who didn’t get to go on the group date find out who is the last one to get an individual date with Ali this week. Drumroll… it’s Jesse, the 24 year old from Peculiar, Missouri!

Jesse is in for one of the best dates in Bachelorette history! He arrives at the airport where Ali meets him with a private jet (!) ready to go to… VEGAS, baby!  Ali hates flying so things are a little tense on the way there, but Jesse helps to calm her nerves. Once they land in Vegas their next surprise is waiting… a red Ferrari! How lucky is this guy! Ali hops in the driver’s seat and they head off to hit the Strip. Next they go to the brand new Vegas hot spot Aria, where they get to be the first ones to ever check out Aria’s pool. They have some fun splashing around in the water. Ali says she really likes Jesse and he’s a nice guy, but so far she’s still undecided on whether he’ll be getting a rose at the end of the night. If he doesn’t, she’ll be flying back to LA and he’ll be heading home from Vegas.

They go their separate ways to get ready for a romantic dinner with stunning views of Las Vegas from their hotel suite. At dinner they have good conversation about their hometowns, both come from very small towns. Jesse’s town is a population of less than 3,000 and Ali’s hometown is even smaller than that. Two small town romantics fall in love in the big city on national TV, the future promos if Jesse sticks around just write themselves.

After dinner Ali and Jesse head to Aria’s nightclub Haze, which they have all to themselves again, and they enjoy a private concert by Jamie Cullum. They dance and kiss, and at the end of the date Jesse gets a rose! Ali isn’t head over heels for Jesse… yet, but there seems to be some spark there so we’ll see where it goes from here.

With all of the dates over now, it’s time for the cocktail party/rose ceremony where three bachelors will be heading home.

Ali pulls her obvious favorite, Roberto, aside to catch up with him. He’s one of the guys that didn’t get a date with her this week, but that’s probably because she already knows he’s going to be sticking around for a while. He reveals to her that he has traveled the world playing baseball. He was drafted by the Colorado Rockies back in 2001. He doesn’t play pro-baseball now though. He asks Ali to play catch with him and she about jumps out of her seat. She is on cloud nine whenever she is around Roberto. If this keeps up he’s going to be in the top two without a doubt.

Next Ali catches up with Kasey, who also didn’t get a date this week. They only get to talk for a moment, and I literally mean a moment, before Frank rudely interrupts. Frank, who got one of the two individual dates this week and already has a rose, felt he needed more alone time with Ali. I like Frank, but it’s becoming clear that he has some possessive/stalker tendencies. He tells her that he feels like her boyfriend and it’s hard to watch her go on dates with all these other guys. Ali seems sort of uncomfortable with him at first but then they have a very passionate kiss, with some of the other guys watching.

Weatherman is still fuming over Craig M, who has continued to push his buttons the entire episode, so he decides to once again go tell Ali what he thinks of Craig. At this point, one thing becomes crystal clear and it has nothing to do with Craig. Weatherman is GAY! Yes, you heard that right, I think he is gay. Why is he there acting like he’s in love with Ali? I have no idea. I do think Ali has a suspicion that he’s gay, and the same with the other guys in the house, and that’s why Craig hinted earlier in the episode that he found it hard to believe that Ali and Weatherman could have a connection.

Ok, so enough about that, let’s get back to Craig. Ali pulls him aside and confronts him about what she’s hearing. She tells him that he’s been described as “dangerous” and that she doesn’t know what to make of him because he also hasn’t expressed much interest in her. She even points out that his body language at that moment is all wrong; he’s facing away from her and hardly looks at her. For once, Craig is speechless, all he can do is stutter and try to make up some excuse as to why this is. He never gives a good answer and the conversation wraps with Ali saying she’s happy they talked. Buh-bye, Craig!

Craig gathers the guys after this to find out who told Ali that he was “dangerous.” He immediately calls out Weatherman, but Weatherman refuses to own up to it. He tells Craig he doesn’t think it matters who said what, he does admit that he hasn’t liked Craig from the beginning. He tells Craig to quit blaming everyone else and take accountability for his actions. Like that’s actually going to happen.

After all the drama, it’s time for the rose ceremony. So, who will be sticking around for another week? Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L., Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C., Craig R., Chris N., and Jonathan.  And, of course, Frank, Jesse and Ty, who already received roses earlier.

Going home is Tyler V., Craig M. (YESSS!), and sadly Chris H. who I really thought would be sticking around for longer. We didn’t even get to see Chris say goodbye, which was strange.

Next week the drama heats up when Ali slaps one of the guys (it looks like it may be Justin?) and then Justin walks, err, hobbles all the way from the bachelor house to Ali’s house.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of Ali’s picks. Did she send the right guys home? What do you think about Weatherman possibly being gay? Let’s discuss! Check back to Seat42F next week for another exciting recap!