The Bachelorette Season Six Week 10 RECAP

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The Men Tell All this week on a special episode of The Bachelorette. Most of the guys, except Justin and Craig M., return to dish on some of the juicy parts of this season.


The Men Tell All this week on a special episode of The Bachelorette. Most of the guys, except Justin and Craig M., return to dish on some of the juicy parts of this season.

Chris Harrison kicks off the episode talking to Ali in a pre-taped segment. He asks her about some of the more controversial guys of the season. The most controversial being Justin, of course. She tells Chris that she thought the guys in the house just didn’t like him because of the Rated-R persona. He said all the right things to win her over and she fell for it. She says she’s just sad that he betrayed her, his girlfriend Jessica of two years, and Kimberly his other girlfriend who he met right before going on The Bachelorette. Next on the list is Kasey, who hurt our ears with his horrible songs and then blew our minds by getting a “guarded heart” tattoo. Ali laughs, saying his singing was awkward but that some girl will love that. She still feels bad for him and hopes that he doesn’t regret that tattoo. How could he not?  Next up is Kirk, who Ali says made his mark in the first episode by presenting her with a scrapbook of what he’s looking for in life. She says it was sort of intense for their first meeting but that she thought it was cute and remembered it and that’s why she kept him around for more. Last but not least is Frank, who just last week broke Ali’s heart in Tahiti as he broke up with her to go back to his ex-girlfriend in Chicago. Ali says she was so excited the morning of their date in Tahiti. She admits that she did question his feelings at a few points because Frank kept questioning their relationship. But, she ignored those questions because she was convinced he was in love with her.

Photo : ABC

After that deep conversation we move on to some silly clips. The first being a look back to when Ali and Roberto were on his hometown date sitting at the baseball field. Roberto was opening a wine bottle and accidentally sent the cork flying nearly hitting Ali in the face. Oops! Then at Frank’s hometown visit his dad did a ridiculously long dinner speech that made absolutely no sense. Ali held back her laughs thinking he might actually be serious but finally after he was finished the whole family laughed. We also got to see more of the mysterious and very odd Chris N. who you may remember being the one that could hardly speak to Ali. It turns out the guys nicknamed him “The Phantom” because he would disappear and then randomly reappear all the time. Chris N. is like a completely different person this time around. Chris is tan and talking up a storm, he even unbuttons his shirt to reveal a “The Phantom” t-shirt. Where was this guy before? He may have stood a chance if he had shown off his personality.

Next, we flash back to all of the annoying segments of the Weatherman, Craig M., and Justin “Rated R.” I have already had enough of the Weatherman, and it seems the guys have too. They bash the Weatherman for how he always ran back to Ali and tattled on Craig M. Even though they didn’t like Craig either, they thought Weatherman should’ve just confronted him to his face. The guys have nicer words for Kasey who they all agree is a nice guy and came there with the right intentions, he’s just a bit crazy.

We go back to Frank and Justin, neither of which are on the show tonight. Justin chose not to come on the show and Frank will be on next week’s After the Rose. Craig R. points out that Justin and Frank were very different. Some of the guys stand up for Frank but others call him out for being selfish.

It’s time for the hot seat where one guy takes the seat across from Chris Harrison for questioning. First up to bat is Kasey. He tells Chris that he thinks Ali is admirable for letting him go when she did. Why does he seem to always be trying to come up with the best thing to say? Just say what you actually feel, not some corny line. He doesn’t regret getting the tattoo, surprisingly. He seems to think it’s still a romantic gesture for his future wife. I am sure he will find some other fellow crazy. He says he’s just glad that he left a happy memory for Ali versus Frank and Justin who didn’t.

Kirk is next to hit the hot seat. He says Ali was the first girl that he could give himself to after going through the sickness that he did in college. He’s not sure how he feels about Frank now. They were friends on the show but after seeing what Frank did to Ali and for taking the spot that he could’ve had in Tahiti, now he’s not so sure he wants to be friends with him. He confesses that Ali broke his heart.

It’s been a paragraph since the last mention of Justin which is far too long, so let’s get back to him. Craig calls him a bad person and an asshole, and says he’d like to wrestle him. That would be a fun fight to watch! Justin has been claiming that it is the producers of the show that edited things to make him look bad, but Craig says that’s not the case at all. Kirk adds that he and Justin shared a hotel room in Iceland and in the middle of the night Justin got up, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and the sink and then “talked to himself.” It turned out that he was actually calling his girlfriend, Jessica, back home.

Jessie, who was formerly on The Bachelor, is the one that Justin’s girlfriend Jessica reached out to in order to blow Justin’s cover. Jessie then reached out to the show producers and filled them in. Jessie comes on the show and tells us that Justin had two girlfriends back home, Jessica and Kimberly. He met Kimberly just weeks before going on The Bachelorette but had dated Jessica for over two years. Earlier this year on Valentine’s Day he actually spent that morning with Kimberly and then the rest of the day with Jessica. What a good guy sharing all that love.

Finally, Ali comes on the show and meets with the guys again. She says she was nervous and excited to see them all again. Chris asks her again what she thought about Justin. Ali says she didn’t want to shed any tears for him after what he did to her and to Jessica and Kimberly, plus she wanted to show girls who have been through this before that they should be strong and not let a guy like this bring them down. She admits Tahiti when Frank dumped her that it was rock bottom for her. Kirk tells her that he has nothing but respect for her and that he’s ready to move on and find someone now. Kasey gets up and sings to Ali again but this time it’s just for laughs and he actually does a really good job both singing and getting laughs.

Before the shows wraps up, we watch some funny clips that weren’t shown before like Ali freaking out over a mouse and the guys playing pranks on Craig R. while he tried to sleep. It seems like they have a lot of fun filming the show.

Next week Ali’s journey to find her soul mate comes to an end. Chris and Roberto meet her parents in Bora Bora and then it’s time for Ali to decide between the two.