The Bachelorette Season Six Week 1 Part 1 RECAP

ALI FEDOTOWSKY The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky : The Bachelorette : Photo : ABC/BOB D’AMICO

It’s here! The latest season of The Bachelorette just premiered, now it’s time to discuss who we like, who we hate, and who went home.


It’s here! The latest season of The Bachelorette just premiered, now it’s time to discuss who we like, who we hate, and who went home.

If you missed the last season of The Bachelor you probably have no idea who this season’s bachelorette is. Lucky for you, ABC spent the first half of the show recapping who she is, where she’s from, and why she left last season of The Bachelor. Here’s the lite version. She is Ali Fedotowsky (that’s a mouthful!), a glowing – literally! – blonde-haired beauty from San Francisco. Just as she was ‘falling in love’ with Jake on the Bachelor last season, her dream job came calling and she had to make the tough decision: love or money a job. As Ali put it, “I chose a desk and keyboard over love.” She quickly realized the desk and keyboard weren’t all that satisfying and lucky for her ABC came to the rescue with 25 handsome bachelors for her to sample.

ALI FEDOTOWSKY The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky : The Bachelorette : Photo : ABC/BOB D’AMICO

Without further ado, let’s get to who those 25 bachelors are and my first impressions of them.

Frank, Chicago – First impression is that he’s dorky, maybe too focused on work and/or himself. He says he used to be too work-oriented, but realized life wasn’t all about work, so he quit his job and traveled Europe. He even moved back home with his parents to get back to his roots. I like Frank but he also has this creepy look to him at times, I’m undecided.

Jay, Rhode island – He’s a lawyer and seems to fit the lawyer stereotype fairly right on. I’m not a fan.

Craig M., Toronto – Douchebag! It’s clear from the get-go this guy is just all about himself. Luckily, the look on Ali’s face after she meets him isn’t so good. Can’t wait to see her send this one packing!

Kyle, Colorado – Kyle loves the outdoors; ice fishing, hunting, so on. Seems like a nice guy, but not sophisticated enough to fit the ABC/Bachelorette mold, sure to be on the way out sooner than later.

Justin, Toronto – To begin with Justin is a professional (entertainment) wrestler. Now, I have nothing against that, except he has this stage personality “Rated R” and randomly goes into character. He’s clearly the player type, so it’s tough to know whether he’s genuinely sweet or if it’s a game.

Phil, Chicago – Like his fellow Chicagoan, Frank, Phil has learned at a young age what matters in life. After his brother passed away, he decided to focus his life around family and friends, and less on work.

Jonathan, Houston – He’s a goofy Texas weatherman. That pretty much sums it up.

Ty, Nashville – Immediately upon hearing Ty you know he’s from the south because of the thick accent. Between his looks, voice, he can play guitar, and the fact that he was recently divorced and looking for love again, I am positive the ladies will go crazy over this guy.

Chris L., Cape Cod – Yet another touching personal story. Chris is a former NYC teacher who moved back home to Cape Cod to be with his mom until she died. Aww! He realized that life is too short and wants a family of his own.

Roberto, Charleston – He makes one of the best first impressions with Ali. He asks (in Spanish, no less) her to salsa dance later and she just about melts right there.

Derrick, San Diego – He doesn’t introduce himself as Derrick, but “Shooter” instead. He tells her that she’ll have to talk to him later to find out what the nickname is all about. And, just wait until you hear where it came from!

John C., Washington – He makes a statement right away when he drops on one knee and proposes to Ali… with a cubic zirconia ring. He’s definitely an oddball, but it was a good way to make sure she remembers him.

Chris H., Vancouver – One of the best looking guys this season probably and he makes her laugh. I’d say this guy will be sticking around for a while.

Jesse, Missouri – He’s from Peculiar, Missouri which he uses as his first line to Ali. It only confuses her, but she seems to like him.

Chris N., Orlando – Instead of waiting for her to give him a rose, he surprises her with one right away.

Kasey, Fresno – He doesn’t miss a beat after introducing himself to start talking sweet to Ali telling her that he’ll always protect her heart. It’s cheesy and clearly he’s going to get his heart broken, but he’s the good guy you root for.

Tyler V., Connecticut – Forgettable. Really, he doesn’t leave much impression with me or Ali.

Craig R., Philadelphia – Another lawyer, another forgettable.

Steve, Cleveland – For some reason Steve stood out to me as a possible winner. He and Ali just seemed to have that look in their eyes when they met.

Kirk, Madison – He tries to make an impression by turning a napkin into a rose. This beating her to the punch by giving her a rose thing is old at this point; even Ali is bored with it.

Tyler, Austin – Tyler tries his best to make an impression by wearing cowboy boots and telling Ali he wore them because the first time he saw her on The Bachelor she was wearing cowboy boots. The only problem is that Ali swears she never wore cowboy boots. So, who was wearing the cowboy boots that he saw? Awkward.

Hunter, San Antonio – He was so excited to meet Ali that he could hardly hold his pee. Seriously. He lasted about 30 seconds in meeting her before mentioning that he had to use the restroom. Lucky for him she thought it was cute.

Jason, Colorado – He jumps on top of the limo so he can flip off of it for his grand entrance. Way to go, douche! This guy and Craig M. need to go!

Derek, Los Angeles – Good looking guy but he gets lost in the shuffle.

John N., Kansas City – Another forgettable one. On this show you have to make your mark or you’re forgotten.

The second hour of the premiere we’re finally done with introductions and everyone starts to mingle. Of course, the egos are already raging between some of the guys and Ali is being pulled in every different direction for one-on-one time. Poor girl! It’s Frank, the sort of creepy yet charming guy from Chicago, who lands the first one-on-one. Kirk is next and he makes his mark by showing Ali a scrapbook he made of what he likes in life, such as just being crazy sometimes. Craig M makes fun of him for the scrapbook, but ultimately Kirk scores some points with Ali. Kasey gets his time with Ali and again professes his love, perhaps a little too strong, but he also explains that his parents divorced when he was 12 years old after his dad cheated on his mom, and he says that’s why he’d never cheat. It turns out Ali’s parents divorced when she was 12 as well, so they have an instant bond.

Later, Hunter plays a cutesy song with a Ukulele and steals the spotlight, Jason makes fun of him. The guys also make fun of Justin for being a professional entertainment wrestler; they question whether he’s there for love or self-promotion. Again, Jason is a moron, time to go! Roberto gets his salsa dance with Ali and the two clearly hit it off. She says she feels comfortable with him and calls him “sexy.” Derrick from San Diego, however, makes Ali – and well, all of us – a little uncomfortable when he shares where he got his “Shooter” nickname from. It turns out in his freshman year of college he was known on campus as the guy who prematurely ejaculates. Yes, you read that right. The guy admitted to Ali and the entire world that he prematurely ejaculates. He thought that this would be funny and win her over. In what world would this ever win over a girl?

Last but not least, Chris L. talks to Ali and she asks if his parents are still together, he doesn’t tell her that his mom died because he doesn’t feel it’s something to share the first time talking to her. You know ABC is going to make this an epic tearjerker later in the season.

Before we get to the rose ceremony, host Chris Harrison drops by with a ‘ballot box’ which every guy has to put a name into of someone that they don’t feel is there for the right reasons. Ultimately, it’s Justin, the pro-wrestler, who everyone votes against. Justin is blind-sided by the vote, and rightly so. While he was slightly annoying at first, I’ve gotten to like him. Maybe I am giving him a little extra sympathy because he showed up with a broken ankle and has to hop around on crutches. He may be vain but he seems like he’s actually there for love. Ali and Justin talk privately about why he thinks they voted against him. He explains that he’s there to find love and a best friend, and nothing else. A pretty smooth line and he delivers it brilliantly.

Now, who will stay and who will go? Before the rose ceremony begins, Ali gives Roberto the ‘first impression’ rose guarantying him a spot for next week and she also gives Justin a rose, despite the other guys voting against him. She also gives roses to: Jesse, Ty, Craig R., Tyler B., Frank, Phil, Chris L., Kirk, John C., Chris N., Hunter, Craig M. (yuck!), Jonathan, and Kasey. Thankfully, we say goodbye to Jason, Jay, Kyle, “Shooter,” and most of the forgettables.

The previews for the rest of the season look exciting! Ali and the bachelors will be traveling the world and there will be no shortage of drama along the way. One guy turns out to have a girlfriend back home, another hurts himself and may be suicidal, and some of the guys get into a fight. Wait, is this Jersey Shore? No, just another season of The Bachelorette, check back next week!

Who do you love, hate and who do you think will win Ali’s heart?