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The Bachelorette Season Six Finale RECAP

The Bachelorette Season Six Finale RECAP


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After months of getting to know Ali and all of the bachelors (the good, the bad, and the ugly), it all comes down to this week when Ali will either choose to spend her life with Roberto or Chris.


After months of getting to know Ali and all of the bachelors (the good, the bad, and the ugly), it all comes down to this week when Ali will either choose to spend her life with Roberto or Chris.

Before we find out who Ali chooses, the guys first have to meet her family who has flown to Bora Bora. It’s her mom and dad, brother and sister. Must say, Ali and her family got a pretty sweet deal this season. Roberto is the first one to meet the fam and they welcome him with open arms.  They have dinner but it’s sort of skipped over, instead we jump to Ali talking to her parents about how in love with Roberto she is. She says he’s romantic, like he whispers sweet things in her ear, and he has a way about him that just calms her. Later, Roberto talks to Ali’s mom and she tears up talking to him because she says she sees how happy Ali is. She gives him her blessing in Spanish. After that Roberto has the big talk with Ali’s dad. Her dad seems a bit serious, which I suppose is understandable considering his daughter may be getting engaged and this is the first time he’s meeting the guy. Roberto tells him that he just wants to make Ali happy. I’m not sure how her dad feels about Roberto, he’s hard to judge. He does give Roberto his blessing to ask for Ali’s hand in marriage though. The family date ends with Roberto showing Ali’s mom how to salsa dance. Ali says she’s never seen Roberto so comfortable and that she could see him being apart of the family.

Photo : ABC

Chris gets his chance to meet the family the next day and immediately gets along really well with them. The family and the entire atmosphere seem even more laid back with Chris. They share a lot in common, such as being from Massachusetts, Chris’s mom was a nurse and so is Ali’s, Chris used to teach math and Ali’s dad teaches physics, and the list goes on. Things do get a little tense when Ali’s mom asks Chris to talk about his mom at dinner. He tells them how incredible she was, how she used to work 3-11 shift so his dad always made them breakfast for dinner. He talks to Ali’s brother and sister, he tells them that he and Ali’s relationship has progressed slower but that it feels real and natural. He says he’s ready to propose to Ali. Later, he talks to Ali’s dad and tells him how much family means to him and how he saw how much his mom meant to his dad and he wants that. Her dad gives Chris his blessing to propose as well. Chris and Ali talk to each other afterward about fitting in so easily with each other’s families. It’s true, it all just seemed so natural. To be honest, at this point I sort of think Chris would be the better choice for Ali. I’ve been rooting for Roberto all along but it seems like he’s more made-for-TV and Chris is more genuine.

With the family visits over, it’s time for them to tell Ali how they really feel. Surprisingly, Ali’s dad seems to be leaning toward Roberto more than Chris, which is opposite of how I thought he felt. He thinks Roberto is in love but Chris seemed hesitant. Ali’s mom, brother and sister seem to be slightly more Team Chris, though they are still pretty neutral. Ali says she knows both Roberto and Chris are good guys, it’s just who she feels is right for her.

The next day, Roberto gets his final date with Ali. They go jet-skiing and end up coming across a school of stingray. They jump in the water and start playing with them. Clearly they don’t remember Steve Irwin’s death. They go have a picnic on a private island next. Ali tells Roberto that he’s the sexiest guy and she can’t believe he could be hers, her husband. It starts raining on them, so they walk out to the ocean and stand there kissing. It couldn’t possibly be any more made-for-TV than this moment and Ali calls it the most romantic moment of her life.

That night Ali heads to Roberto’s cabana. She says the date today was the best date of all. She tells him that he’s not at all the type she thought she’d end up with but that he couldn’t be more perfect. Roberto gives her a framed picture of them at the heart-shape lagoon. He tells her that he absolutely has fallen in love with her and they kiss.

The next day is Chris’s final date with Ali. She arrives to his cabana and things seem a bit weird with her from the get-go. At first I figure she’s just feeling weird after having such an amazing date with Roberto the night before, but then she sits Chris down – much like Frank did with her. She tells him that she’s been having a really hard time figuring things out. But, she says she doesn’t feel like enjoying each other’s company and hanging out is enough. “I’m in love with someone else,” she tells Chris. She didn’t want to go the traditional route and make him wait till the last day to find out because she didn’t want to hurt him any more than she had to. He is obviously heartbroken but thanks Ali for being honest with him and not going through with another date where he is sure he would’ve fallen more in love with her. They hug and then Ali leaves. She says it was harder to end things with Chris than she imagined. Something pretty amazing happens next. Out of nowhere a bright rainbow appears. Earlier in the season Chris told us that before his mom died she told him that she’d always be with him in the rainbows. How freaky that a rainbow would appear at this moment!

So, there it is. Roberto is the man for Ali. The only question left is, will he propose to her? If I had a magic 8 ball I am pretty sure it would say all signs point to yes. Jeweler, Neil Lane, personally drops by to see Roberto and offers him a table full of engagement rings to choose from. He ends up selecting a beautiful 3.03 carat diamond ring. It has one central cut but then is surrounded by 184 other diamonds. It’s valued at $50,000!

It’s finally time for the big moment. The first thing I notice is Roberto’s dress shirt has a ridiculously large collar. Other than that he looks handsome and Ali looks stunning in a champagne-colored flowing dress by designer Alberto Makali. After Roberto walks up what seems like a million stairs, he makes his way to Ali who is standing on a cliff overlooking palm trees and the ocean. Who else is planning a Tahiti trip after this?! Ali can hardly hold back her smile, though she’s trying her hardest. Roberto already seems to know that he’s the one. He tells her that he wants to be the man for her and wake up to her every day for the rest of his life. At this point Ali can no longer hold back her excitement and is smiling from ear-to-ear. She tells him that he’s the only one there today and that she’s in love with him. He says he’s in love with her too and wants to grow old with her and he wants her to be his wife. Then he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Of course, Ali says yes and jumps for joy. Before they walk off happily ever after, Ali gives Roberto the final rose.  He accepts and carries her off into the distance.

So, did Ali make the right choice? She sure seems to be the most confident I’ve ever seen in all the seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.


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After the Final Rose

If you’ve been keeping up with the tabloids, you probably have heard that Ali supposedly is single and gave her number to a certain football player recently. I won’t name him because he’s a fame whore and doesn’t need another mention.  So, this “After the Final Rose” may be the most important of all the seasons. Are Ali and Roberto still together? It’s time to get some answers.

Ali comes out to talk to Chris Harrison and the engagement ring is still on her hand. It’s looking good so far. First thing we do is look back at clips of Frank. He was supposed to be there but as it turns out he decided not to last minute. Ali says she thinks he was selfish then and even more selfish now for not showing up. She hoped they could’ve cleared the air. She forgives him and is not mad about anything.

Chris comes out next and he’s looking good – he has a tan and a shorter haircut. Could ABC be prepping him to be the next Bachelor? He tells Chris Harrison that he really had no idea that Ali was going to dump him. Sure, he could say Ali led him on in some way, but as usual he plays it classy. He says you can’t control who you fall in love with and she just felt more strongly for someone else. He’s still getting over it but is ready to move on. This would’ve been a good time for ABC to announce him as the new Bachelor but they didn’t. Ali comes out and sees Chris for the first time face-to-face since Tahiti. She tells him that he looks great and that it’s so good to see him again. He asks her if she’s happy and she says she is. He’s curious as to what she learned from their relationship. She tells him that she learned that it’s ok to take things slower and how to really care for someone. Chris tells her that he’s happy she found love.

Before Roberto comes out, Chris Harrison talks to Ali about her feelings for Roberto from the first night. As Chris points out, she said the first night that she didn’t believe in love at first sight but that’s exactly what seemed to happen between her and Roberto. Ali admits she definitely had feelings for him from that first night.

Roberto comes out and he and Ali kiss right away. He tells Chris that he had feelings for Ali from the first night too, “it was like a train hitting me,” he says. He can’t believe that they actually fell in love on a TV show but he knows love can happen anywhere. They’re both still in love with each other. They’ve been sneaking visits at a house in Charleston. Since they haven’t been able to go public they had to stay inside the house for like 3-5 days. Ali says they would have to entertain each other, they even made up their own handshake. When they were apart they would plan dates where they’d go to movie theaters at the same time to watch the same movie and would send cell phone pictures of each other on their long-distance date. Sounds sweet!

Now that they can go public, they announced that they’re moving to San Diego and already have an apartment rented. And, they’re planning to get married either next spring or summer. Roberto is pushing for the spring.

As one last surprise, ABC sends Ali and Roberto by helicopter – they just had to get one more helicopter ride in there – to stay on Catalina Island.

Are you happy with how this season ended? I think these two are truly happy together. It’s good to see that they are moving to San Diego and not Los Angeles, we see how that worked for Jake and Vienna.

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